Friday, 11 March 2011

International Giveaway! Ask Kimberly Derting a question & be in with a chance to win a copy of Desires of the Dead!

Desires of the Dead, the follow up to Kimberly Derting's most excellent debut, The Body Finder,  is being published in the UK next week (March 17th). I've read it - totally amazing!  Today I'm hosting a giveaway with a twist to celebrate!  To be in with a chance to win a copy of Desires of the Dead, just leave a question for Kimberly in the comments section.  Think of  the best question you can think of, as Kimberly will be picking her favourite question as the winner!

If you don't want to be entered into the competition, but would still like to leave a question for Kimberly, that's fine too. Just let me know that you don't want to be entered into the comp.

All your questions will then be forwarded to Kimberly, and when I get the answers I will post them up here for everybody to see.

So, if you have a burning question you'd like to ask Kimberly, now's the time to do it.

Just leave your questions in comments.

You can submit questions until March 17th.
Competition is open INTERNATIONALLY!

Also, you might like to take a look at this video message Kimberly made for me! So cool! Thanks to the lovely Sam at Headline for arranging this, and of course to Kimberly for the sweet message!


  1. Aww it is nice of Kimberly to send you that vlog message.

    I would love to be entered in this awesome giveaway. I was originally thinking of asking her where can I find Jay ;) But my real question is:

    Jay and Violet would have to be one of my romantic couples they have such a strong connection and sizzling chemistry. What are some of your favourite literary romantic couples of all time?

  2. I love reading books. This book sounds really good. I am interested in trying to write a book. My question to you is what made you decide to be a writer? How did you know you would be good at it? How did you get started? Please enter me in contest.

  3. Great contest! :) I would love to be entered.
    My question is:
    Since March is celebrated as Women's History Month, who are your all time-favourite women writers and literary heroines?

  4. My Question for you Kimberly is Why you chose to write YA and not some other genre? What is it about YA that drew you in?

  5. Hi! I do have a question for you:

    Is there any music that you listen to or tv show that you watch that inspires you to write? If so, what is it?

  6. Aww that is so sweet of her! I need to read this series! Not an entry :)

  7. Kimberly, exactly how excited were you when you saw that "The Body Finder" had made it onto Barnes and Nobles' "Top Reading Recommendations from Teen Author Cassandra Clare"? Just kidding, we all know how excited you were... ;)

    In all seriousness... ;)

    How has having daughters inspired you as a young adult author (ie. did you base Violet off of one of your characters? Are your daughters always pointing out books for you that you have to read and whatnot)?


  8. Enter me please!

    My question is if we are going to lern more about Rafe in the next book. I'm not looking for spoilers, just wondering is all.

  9. Hmm.. I don't really have a question. I have not read this book, or the other one in the series. I have them both in my TBR pile (borrowed from the library).
    I would love to be entered into the contest though. I have read many great reviews on these books and can not wait to dive into them!

  10. My question: How do you convince yourself to keep slogging away at it when you hit a rough spot with your writing -- a scene not working, a plot point that doesn't fit, a character that mystifies you, etc.?


    jhsmail at comcast dot net

  11. Did you have to do any psychological background research for an insight into your killer's perspectives?

    deadtossedwaves at gmail dot com

  12. The whole idea of being attracted to dead bodies is a unique idea. How did you come up with this ability, was there specific inspiration?

    Stephanie - thegirlonfire27
    thegirlonfire27 at gmail dot com

  13. I would love to be entered for this competition and it's so nice of Kimberly for doing this!
    My question is:
    If you could have created any other swoon worthy love interest (like Jay!) in YA fiction, who would it be and why?
    Thank you again!

    Lisa -

  14. I'd like to ask Kimberly id she ever plans on writing an adult novel.


  15. please count me in!!;))

    my question is if she ever did a plan on writing a contemporary book or a non-fiction book, and what would it be?;))

    maryanngacayan at yahoo dot com

  16. Great giveaway!
    This is my question for Kimberly:

    I've noticed that in both of your books, you gave us a little glimpse of Jay's mind in the form of a couple of paragraphs written from his point of view. Are you planning to make it a regular thing, so we can get a little bit more of Jay's? And also, were you thinking about writing more from his point of view? Maybe in the form of some extras?

    I'm sorry for my English, I definitely read better than write :)
    Leanna - feel free to edit my question so it's readable for Kim :D


    judittten at gmail dot com

  17. Lovely post about a great book! So, my question is:

    what are your all-time favourite books (both YA and non-YA)? What was the main inspiration that drove you to write this great story? Also, have you always wanted to be a writer?

    aliasgirl at libero dot it

  18. Great giveaway, l love how it is very different from others! =)

    A question wanted to ask an author when they have a series out is -
    When your writing a series do the characters become more alive to you with each book and does it ever get to a point where you think "No, l can't write that, he/she would do this instead" and they change what you write as they have such a personality?

    booksforcompany @

  19. I would love to win this!!!!

    Okay, so Kim what made you decide to have Jay be Violet's bff instead of the whole random stranger, love at first sight bit?

    oreo_93 at hotmail dot com

  20. Thanks for the giveaway, I would like to read it! My question would be "Had you ever thought you would be an author?" I mean, in the past, I wanted to be an author, but then I had to realize that I don't have any affinity for it. I've always written short stories, but never got them publicited :)

  21. Have you decided on the title for the next book? Any hint? :D

    feeyonachan at gmail dot com

  22. What is your writing mantra in 15 words or less?


  23. My question would probably be...what sort of research (if any) did you have to do to get in the mind of a killer?

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

  24. I loved the video! My question is - is there any special meaning behind both Violet and Jay's names?

  25. My question:
    What is your favorite childhood book?


    spamscape [at] gmail [dot] com

  26. My question, and thanks for answering all these questions, but how do you keep going towards your dreams amid the rejections and delays and let downs? You reached something pretty amazing, and I congratulate you - but where did you findd the fortitude to really fight for it?

    Thanks for the giveaway too.

  27. I haven't read booth books. but i would like to enter to this one please....!

    my questions ;

    - Do you have plan to collaborate with other authors in writing a book ? what genre ? and with whom ? and why ?

    uniquas at ymail dot com

  28. Can I squeeze a question in here right at the end? *PLEASE!* Just one!

    I just found out about this new anthology (Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions) that you've contributed to, and I'm dying to know what your story Skin Contact is all about? Anything? Pretty please!!

  29. I'm closing comments on this now, and sending the questions off! Check back soon for Kimberly's answers, and to see who won!

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