Friday 5 September 2014

TV Things: GLUE on E4. Like Skins. But with Horses. And Murder.*

So, as I mentioned in my previous post, I've been on a bit of a Skins binge during my blogging break. Truly, I'm pretty addicted. I even read the Skins novel which took place between seasons 3 & 4. I've still got the Third Gen. to watch (although I've read that it's not a patch on the first two). Anyhow, I was watching  E4 last week and I happened upon the trailer to a new E4 show, Glue. 

It's like Skins, thought I, but with horses, and murder.*

Also, the trailer is soundtracked by Warpaint's Love is to Die, which is probably why it caught my attention in the first place. I am a pretty big Warpaint fan, after all.

Take a look at the two available trailers and let me know what you think.  Glue begins September 15th at 10p.m on E4.

Will you be watching GLUE?

E4 brings together a cast of Britain’s brightest young talent in brand new original series Glue, created and written by BAFTA-winning writer Jack Thorne (This is England, Skins, The Fades). 

 Overton. A tiny village in the English countryside. Farming is its bread-and-butter. Race-horses are its beating heart. But beyond the rolling hills and behind the stable doors lies a green and not-so-pleasant land...

 What makes it unpleasant? Maybe it's the teenagers who think it's funny to play chicken on top of silo machines that can cut your hand to slices no thicker than a piece of ham. Or maybe it's the group of mates who think that grain barn jumping – as reckless and as stupid as it sounds – is fun. Or perhaps the fact that twocking a car is just something that's done on a night out.

 But now it's got serious – now someone has played murder.

 When the body of a local teenage boy is found underneath the wheels of a tractor, the villagers in this remote community – his friends – are forced to open up their world and watch their secrets spill out. Secrets that will change their particular brand of country life forever. 

 Twisted and wayward, tragic and comic, Glue will take E4 audiences on a wild and thrilling ride as the mystery of his murder unravels. 

* See, when I first saw the trailer, I hadn't yet seen THAT EPISODE of Skins. I'm still traumatized.

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