Wednesday 12 December 2012

Self-Pubbed Hub #5 - Eve Ainsworth & The Blog of Maisy Malone!

I'm featuring some UKYA on the blog today!  Eve Ainsworth has stopped by to talk all about her new book The Blog of Maisy Malone. I've read a couple sample chapters of this one, and it's very good fun! 

Read on to find out more!

 The Blog of Maisy Malone by Eve Ainsworth || Published: November 2012.


My name is Maisy Malone. I’m seventeen years old, live in a ratty council house with my 60 year old, near-alcoholic Dad and a dog with a leaky bum.  This is my blog. You can either like it, or you can…well… blog off!! ;o)

Maisy is seventeen and has reason to be seriously fed up. Her Dad spends his days stagnating in his armchair, watching re-runs of Bargain Hunt, shouting abuse at their neurotic dog, Dave, or nursing his pint down at the Pride. Her mum fled the place years ago, on the back of a clapped-out, old bike, and is now planning the wedding of the year, to a man so damp you could grow mushrooms on him. Even her mates are distracted these days; Poppy is to be found rattling out her vampire love story and Jess is too busy obsessing over the latest bad boy to cross her path. Trouble is, her latest conquest is Maisy’s detested older brother, Ollie – recently returned to the family home. But what secret is he hiding?

And now Maisy has dropped out of sixth form in an attempt to bring some money into the family home. But will a range of eye-opening, temporary assignments provide Maisy the freedom she is searching for? Or is home always where the heart is?


Q&A with Eve Ainsworth author  of The Blog of Maisy Malone

Describe The Blog of Maisy Malone in a tweet (140 characters or less):

Adrian Mole for the online generation – reflecting real life with a comic voice.

Can you tell me five things that inspired the characters, storylines and settings of The Blog of Maisy Malone?

Society, my job, my family, my frustrations and my reading habits!

Self-publishing is becoming increasingly popular and there are some great success stories out there.  What made you decide to self-publish?

It was hard to find a home for Maisy. So many agents/publishers seemed to love the voice, but couldn’t commit to the concept itself. I had a lot of positive reader feedback and after speaking to other writers in a similar position, I decided indie publishing might be the best route. After all, Maisy herself is online so why not take the novel online?

What has been your best self-publishing experience so far?

Most of it! It’s been great fun speaking to so many professional people. The online community is so helpful and positive and surprisingly supportive. I’ve found it all very exciting.

On a scale of one to ten, how much work is involved in publishing your own book? What’s your favourite part of the process? What’s your least favourite?
About 8 I’d say. I didn’t get involved so much with the initial process as I employed someone to do my proofreading and formatting, but the marketing is much harder. I enjoy it, but it takes up a lot of time and you have to be prepared for that.

What’s your advice for all the aspiring authors out there? Do you have any top tips to share?

Join writer’s groups, as they are great to get feedback on your work. Even better try and get a Beta-Reader, as having someone read your entire piece and pick up on any weaknesses is crucial. I found employing a proofreader vital and I would advise any writer to go with recommendation to ensure you get the best out there.

Name three other books that you think readers of your book would also enjoy:

Tom Clempson’s  - One Seriously Messed Up Weekend is very funny!
Watermelon – Marilyn Keyes (it’s classic chic lit)
The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole – Sue Townsend.

Finally, what are you working on next?

The partial for second YA novel The Art of Kissing Frogs, was shortlisted for the Greenhouse Funny Prize and I’m currently looking at routes for publication. Meanwhile I’m writing a new YA thriller based on girl gangs and deception.


Thanks for participating in Self-Pubbed Hub, Eve!

Find out more about Eve Blog || Twitter

But The Blog of Maisy MaloneAmazon UK  || Amazon US

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I currently have slots available for late January/early February 2013. 

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