Tuesday 11 December 2012

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black: Read an entry from Margaret Adler's Diary & Watch the Book Trailer!

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black is set to be one of the big YA debuts of 2013 and as such Bloomsbury have provided me with some fun extras to share with you as we all count down to release day!  There is a lot of buzz surrounding this book which tells the story of Vanessa Adler as she strives to uncover the secrets behind the mysterious disappearance of her sister Margaret....

Below is an extract from Margaret's diary. You can find out more about Margaret and the mysteries of the New York Ballet Academy on the dedicated Facebook page.

Dance of Shadows by Yelena Black
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Release date: February 2013
Ages: 12+

Vanessa doesn’t believe that her sister is a runaway. She wouldn’t leave her family behind without saying a word. The only way Vanessa can discover the truth behind her mysterious disappearance is to follow in Margaret’s footsteps, but to do so she risks her sanity and maybe even her life . . .

Vanessa Adler is one of the talented few to get a place at the acclaimed New York Ballet Academy. Between backbreaking rehearsals for the school’s production of The Firebird she desperately tries to find out what happened to her sister before she vanished. There are rumors that the pressure of performing the lead role, the same role Vanessa is now rehearsing for, drove her mad. Other girls have gone missing too. Can the role be cursed? Vanessa’s new relationship with leading-man Zep only seems to complicate things further. What is he hiding from her and can she really trust him?

Black Swan meets Gossip Girl in this thrilling first book in a new series. Sexy, sinister and full of secrets, readers will be hooked on Dance of Shadows from the first page. Look out for the sequel in 2014.


                                                                                                                            [October 12]
Dear Diary,

Just as I was finishing breakfast, that kid Justin sat down across from me. "Have you noticed how weird Josef's hand-picked favorites are?" he asked. "Like, weird weird? They seem to exist almost in a, like, parallel universe." 

When I didn’t answer, he said, “You can’t tell me you haven’t noticed. I mean, Anna? Please. I don’t know what he sees in her.”

Zep was watching, and I didn't want him to think Justin and I are an item, so I just said, "I've noticed that you're weird. People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones, Justin." Anna’s mean, but she is a good dancer. I’ll give her that.

Justin scowled and stood up. "I thought you weren't as stupid as the rest of these kids, but clearly I was wrong.”

Oh, Diary, did I make a mistake? What is with this guy?

Love and in confusion,



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Are you excited to read Dance of Shadows?  Let me know your thoughts in comments!


  1. Jenny @ Supernatural Snark11 December 2012 at 22:34

    Awww I feel a little bad for Justin! At least without any context I do, maybe he's a supreme asshat in the book itself, but in this little diary snippet I kind of want to hug him after she calls him weird! Of course then he delivers his own parting blow, but my mind chose to ignore that part ;-)

  2. I love that they say it's Black Swan meets Gossip Girl...I'm sold! And I love that cover too!  Thanks for sharing this with us!

  3.  I love the sound of Black Swan meets Gossip Girl too! Looking forward to reading this one! :)


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