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Calling all UK/IRE book bloggers - Are you interested in reviewing non-fiction titles from Random House?

Do you review non-fiction titles on your blog? 

It seems the bloggers who do review non-fiction titles are few and far between, so now the lovely people at Random House are looking for YOU if you are interested in reviewing any of their upcoming non-fiction titles. 

You can see a sample of the titles on offer below, so if you are interested in reviewing these or any other non-fiction titles from Random House, please send me an email, and I will forward your details to my publicity contact.

You can send emails to
Please include your blog address in the email and mark the email non-fiction.

Sample title for non-fiction fans:

 The Unreliable Life of Harry the Valet, The Great Victorian Jewel Thief by Duncan Hamilton.

The Unreliable Life of Harry the Valet by Duncan Hamilton is the first book to be written about master-criminal Henry Thomas – an extraordinary raffish but charming Victorian thief who stole with elegance and elan. Harry’s theft of the Dowager Duchess of Sutherland’s jewels, today valued at over £2 million, was one of the most audacious crimes of the Victorian era. The book was featured in The Bookseller May preview and was described as “An amazing true story which reads like a novel”. Harry was pursued by London’s top detectives for five and a half years and – by their own submission – he proved smarter than them.

Duncan won the William Hill Sports Book of the Year in 2007 for ‘Provided You Don’t Kiss Me: 20 Years with Brain Clough’ and he won the William Hill again, for ‘Harold Larwood’ in 2009, as well as winning the prestigious Wisden Book of the Year for 2009 and Biography of the Year  at the 2010 British Sports Book Awards.

Walk The Lines: The London Underground, Overground by Mark Mason

As a lifelong fan of London, Mark Mason embarked on a mission to ‘conquer’ the capital once and for all. The only way to truly discover a city, they say, is on foot. Taking this to extremes, Mark set out to walk the entire length of the London Underground – overground – passing every station on the way. 

Over the course of several hundred miles, he comes to understand a sprawling metropolis that never ceases to surprise. In a story packed with historical trivia, personal musings and eavesdropped conversations, Mark learns how to get the best gossip in a City pub, how the Ritz made its female guests feel good about themselves and why the Bank of England won’t let you join the M11 northbound at Junction 5. He has an East End cup of tea with the Krays’ official biographer, discovers what cabbies mean by ‘on the cotton’, and meets the Archers star who was the voice of ‘Mind the Gap’.

During his travels Mark contemplates London’s contradictions as well as its charms. He gains insights into our fascination with maps and sees how walking changes our view of the world. Above all, in this love letter to a complicated friend, he celebrates the sights, sounds and soul of the greatest city on earth. 

Born in the Midlands in 1971, MARK MASON moved to London when he was 20.  Over the next 13 years he sold Christmas cards in Harrods, made radio programmes for the BBC and busked outside Eric Clapton gigs at the Royal Albert Hall.  He also published three novels, several books of non-fiction, and wrote for publications as diverse as The Spectator and Four Four Two.  He continues to do some of these things, though has now defected to Suffolk, where he lives with his partner and son. 

If you are interested in reviewing these or other non-fiction titles from Random House, email me: daisychainbookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com


  1. I'd love to review for Random House, but I'm not really into non-fiction :(

  2. I don't read a great amount of non-fiction, but I have to say both of those books sound fascinating, especially the Victorian jewel thief, I love anything to do with crime/mysteries set in Victorian times.

    Although I haven't reviewed non-fiction before, would I still be able to do this?

  3. @Bex - Yeah, I reckon so. Just send me an email and I'll pass your details on. :)

  4. Received the David Hamilton book today, looks really good, can't wait to read it.

    Thanks for putting me in touch.

  5. Read and reviewed. If anyone wants to read my review it can be found on my blog here:

    Thank you again. :D


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