Tuesday 11 January 2011

Delightful Debutantes #7: Beth Revis & Across The Universe.

I'm very excited to feature Beth Revis as my Delightful Debutante today! I can't wait to read Across the Universe when it releases over here in March.  Luckily for you guys in the US, the book releases today. I suggest you all rush out and buy a copy now! Happy book birthday, Beth! Read on to find out more about Beth, and her delightful debut!

I’ve read the first chapter of Across the Universe, and loved it. I was totally left wanting more!  Where did you get the inspiration for the story?

Alas, I can’t be too specific with this! The idea for the entire story revolved around the twist at the end. I came up with the twist, then built the story to make the end work.

How has your life changed since the book sold, and how did you celebrate when you found out  you were going to be published?

The biggest change was that I was able to quit my job. Unfortunately, it was a job I loved—I was a teacher at a small high school, and I loved the subject (world literature) and the students (tenth graders) and miss it regularly. However, teaching is vampiric, sucking away as much of your life as you’re willing to give, and I couldn’t teach and write at the same time anymore, not if I wanted to do both jobs justice.

When I found out about the book deal….I got sick! I was so shocked that I gave myself a stress-induced illness! How’s that for a celebration?!

I have to mention the cover art for your book - I love it. It’s one of my favourite covers for 2011.  What does the cover image represent to you? Is it everything you hoped it would be?

What I love about the cover the most is something that not many people know about—it’s a reversible cover! One side is the kissing couple that people see on the ARC…the other side is a detailed blueprint of the space ship. So people can pick whichever cover they want for the book!

Can you tell me if any of the male characters in Across the Universe will be making it onto my book crush list? Any hot guys in there that I should know about?

I think many people will have a definite crush on Harley, Elder’s best friend (and probably many will crush on Elder himself). I’ll just go ahead and apologize for what happens by the end of the book, though!

Can you name three other books that you think readers of your book might enjoy?

Megan Whalen Turner’s book THE THIEF. It’s not sci-fi, but I think the twist at the end is brilliant. Agatha Christie’s MOUSETRAP—a contained mystery, just like mine. Robin McKinley’s THE HERO AND THE CROWN, a book I consider to be on of the best ever written.

Can you name any other upcoming debut novels you are really looking forward to reading?

So many! I’m eagerly anticipating the books by the fellow League writers, though. The League of Extraordinary Writers (http://leaguewriters.blogspot.com) is a group of debut 2011 dystopian authors, and they’re all brilliant.

You can also:

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Watch the book trailer for Across the Universe:

Thanks so much to Beth for answering my questions. I wish you lots and lots of success with Across the Universe!


  1. Oh, I absolutely cannot wait to read Across the Universe. The cover is definitely one of my favourites for this year - and I love the fact that it's reversible too! Great interview and great questions asked Leanna!

  2. Great interview! I was lucky enough to read this book last month and it was awesome! I was laughing out loud when I read what she said about teaching being vampiric. WOQ That is sooooo very true!!! I never thought of it that way, but she's right!

  3. Brilliant interview, Leanna and Beth! I'm dying to read this one...I'm actually escaping work early to try and find it haha It sounds stunning :)

  4. What a interesting interview. I love that Beth realized that in order to do her writing well and not let her teaching suffer that it meant giving up the teaching. Unfortunately, I have a feeling that her students are the worse for her leaving.

  5. Great review! I was lucky enoung to read ARC late last year and this book is amazing, better than you can imagine.

    I love that it has a reversible cover. Definitely one of the best covers of 2011 :)

  6. I had no idea it was a reversible cover! How cool!

  7. The cover is gorgeous, and the trailer looks very interesting! Must get hands on a copy!

  8. awesome questions1 i love the question about what books she recommends (I haven;t read any but they all sound intriguing!) and also can't believe she got sick when she heard about the book deal! wow.

    x Nomes

  9. I'm reading this right now and LOVING it. Everyone should check out this book.

  10. I love the author's book recommendations . I am a fan of both Robin McKinley and Agatha Christie .
    I can't wait to read Across the Universe. But it seems my mail-man is avoiding me right now... lol

  11. Thanks so much for this interview, I'm really excited to read this book! I love that the cover is reversible, I never would have noticed that if she hadn't pointed it out. This book is all the more interesting just because of that, but I've read so many great reviews so I'm sure the story will live up to the cover:) Can't wait to find out!

  12. I just picked this book up. It's definitely high on my next-to-read list!!! Great interview! :)


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