Friday 9 January 2015

Beauty Review: Glamglow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment.

A luxury skincare product straight out of Hollywood, California, the GlamGlow range of treatment masks were originally created exclusively for those who live life on the A-List. Nowadays, they are readily available to you and me, but they still promise the Hollywood perk of photo-ready skin.

So, do they work?

As I write this, there is a storm going on outside and the central heating is cranked up to high. All well and cozy for me, but what about my skin? My skin is thirsty. It needs a drink. And, sure, I can drink water all day long to keep my skin hydrated, but sometimes, it needs something a little extra. These days, I am all about hydrating masks, specifically those containing that wonder ingredient, hyaluronic acid. I have a couple of masks in rotation at the moment - some better than others - and for a supercharged moisture infusion the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment really works.

I've been using this once or twice a week for around about two months now, and let me tell you, I can't get enough. This hydrating treatment is fast becoming a must-have product for me, and it's one that's worth its price tag - around €65/£50 leaving my skin feeling ultra-soft, hydrated and, yes, glowing.

You can use this mask night or day - I prefer to apply it before bed and leave it on overnight for some intense hydration, but you can also leave on for 10-20 minutes before tissuing off  and massaging in any excess. 

I've also read this works fabulously as in in-flight treatment, or a post-shave treatment for guys.

So, what's in the Jar?

Some skincare products taste good enough to eat, and this is one of them. With it's creamy consistency, the GlamGlow Thirstymud Hydrating Treatment is like breakfast in a jar - think oats and nuts, honey and bananas. So, those are not the actual ingredients of this, but here's what it does contain:

Hyaluronic Acid
Citric Acid
Olive Leaf
Apple Extracts
Micro HydraClay
Coconut Oil
Orange Blossom Honey
Ginger Root
Click here for a full list of ingredients.

Like the sound of this, but not ready to splurge? You can buy sample packs of all GlamGlow treatments on the dedicated US and UK websites. This is how I first tried out the GlamGlow mud masks - I generally like to try before I buy with EVERYTHING as my skin often reacts badly to products, so I'd love if more and more companies made these sample packs available.

If you are ready to buy, then Look Fantastic currently has the GlamGlow range on offer with £10 off selected products - with free worldwide delivery.

Have you tried GlamGlow?


  1. I've heard of these before, but never actually tried them, this does sound lush though, may have to give it a go! Great post! x

  2. ChristinaBookAddict9 January 2015 at 20:14

    Ohhh! Now I'm in trouble or at least my credit card is. You had me searching GlamGlow products at and now I'm completely intrigued. I love the sound of this mask and some of the other GlamGlow products I found. Have you tried any of their cleansers? I like the ingredients and that it's paraben free, etc. Is the mask super oily? Also, how on earth do you sleep with that on? I would get it everywhere.

  3. Thanks! This is one mask that's definitely worth the splurge!

  4. We don't have the cleansers over here yet but I've seen them on the US site and I will definitely try them out if/when they come here! I've tried three of the masks: this one, the clearing treatment which is in a white tub and the youthmud which is in the black tub. All are very good but this one is my fave the moment.

    I definitely recommend trying out the samples before you buy full size.

    This one isn't super oily - it's very soothing, like a balm and leaves your skin really hydrated. You tissue off the excess and massage it into your skin so it's not very messy to sleep with it on. :)

  5. I tried this for the first time yesterday and I'm already in love - plus, it smells AMAZING, doesn't it? Like a Pina Colada!x

  6. ChristinaBookAddict9 January 2015 at 21:48

    Well, you know my great-grandmother was born in Ireland, so…haha. Do you blue eyes? I didn't know you were a vegetarian. For how long have you been doing that? Do you feel healthier? I just started a few months ago taking iron everyday and I feel a lot better. I hear you about embracing the pale. In the past, I highlighted my hair or dyed iit to be lighter, so I wouldn't look so freakin pale, but as I get older, I have stopped doing that b/c the upkeep is crazy. So, now I am embracing my paleness and dark hair. I will check out Benefit Dandelion. I have heard good things about Benefit. Keep the tips coming!

  7. It's very spendy so it's good that you can try a sample size. I haven't heard of it before but I'm a huge fan of hydrating treatments too.

  8. Thanks to your review I just ordered myself a copy of All the Bright Places :) x

  9. Everyone I know who's read it has loved it so far! I can definitely see All The Bright Places going global.

  10. You should! It's definitely worth it.

  11. I'm glad you enjoyed the review, Christina!

    Books like The Fault in Our Stars are emotional because they're so full of heart, but All The Bright Places has a more austere, hard-hitting feel, so you definitely need to go in prepared. I hope the movie turns out well, too - this book doesn't romanticise illness, so it would be great to see the filmmakers stay true to that. I hope you enjoy if you ever get to read it!

  12. It broke every reader's heart, Megan! Thanks for commenting!

  13. Blue/Grey eyes! I have flirted with vegetarianism since I was in my teens -but have stuck with it without any lapses for 5/6 years now. It helps that I don't really like the taste of most meats!

  14. Ha! I went with the healthier oat & nuts option, but this works too! :) x

  15. It's very good - definitely worth checking out via sample sizes!

  16. Wow, this sounds lovely and indulgent---both beauty and pricewise! :D I'll definitely have to check this brand out and maybe snag the sample pack! So excited that you're doing beauty reviews now, Leanna!!

  17. Oooo I've been coveting this for a while so delighted you like it because we share the dry skin probs! Hmmm looks like I'll be saving up!! Love the new layout btw! xx

  18. Thanks, Becky! This is definitely a little indulgent but worth it during these cold months! Brrrr....!

  19. Thanks, doll! Keep an eye on Look Fantastic - they often have special offers on this. I got this in a gift set with two other Glamglow pots - all for the price that this one would have cost me on its own.


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