Book Rating System: 

5 out of 5 -   Must-read. One for the keeper shelf.  Very highly recommended.
4½ out of 5 - Really great read. Almost perfect. Highly recommended.
4 out of 5 -    Very good read. Liked it a lot. Recommended.
3½ out of 5 -  Good read. I enjoyed it pretty much. Worth checking out.
3 out of 5 -   Not for me. Just OK. Maybe it's an acquired taste.
2½ out of 5- Absolutely Average. Basically blah. Not one you should run out and buy.
2 out of 5 -  Below average. Not very good. I don't recommend that you read this.
1½ out of 5.  Poor. To be avoided. You can skip this one too.
1 out of 5 -  Terrible. Ugh. I definitely don't recommend that you read this.

DNF - Did Not Finish. Requires no further explanation.

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