Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Introducing Penguin Chats// Lots of Beautiful Creatures Goodies//Win a copy of Beautiful Creatures: The Illustrated Movie Companion! (UK Only!)

Penguin Chats - What's it all about?

Penguin Chats are a 30 minute Q&A with a Penguin author on Twitter, hosted by @PenguinUKBooks and using #PenguinChats. Anyone can put their questions to the author to receive an immediate and live response! 

Penguin Books will also be linking up with top book bloggers to offer exclusive content in the month leading up to the event, and a 24-hour discount on the featured book through on the day.   

Find out more on The Penguin Blog:

Penguin Chats - Who is taking part and when? 

The inaugural Penguin Chat will take place at 8pm GMT on Sunday 27th January, with Kami Garcia (@kamigarcia) and Margaret Stohl (@mstohl) authors of the incredible Beautiful Creatures ahead of the film release on 14th February.


So, fans of Beautiful Creatures, you guys are in for a treat today! 

As an official blog parter of Penguin Chats, I get to share all kinds of exciting Beautiful Creatures goodies with you!

I've got some exclusive quotes from Kami and Margaret where they share some of their favourite moments from Beautiful Creatures: 

The most heartwarming moment…
Kami: Ethan and Amma’s relationship is incredibly special, and I think that the scenes they share have a heartwarming feeling - unless Ethan is in trouble.  
Margaret: Everything with Amma comes from the heart. She would do anything for that boy!

The most magical moment…
Kami: I don’t want to include too many details in case people haven’t had a chance to read the book, but I think the most magical moment is when Lena makes it snow.  For more details, people will have to read Beautiful Creatures.  
Margaret: I love the moment when Lena makes it snow - and I'm so happy Richard LaGravenese captured it on film. I've also always loved Lena's magical bedroom. Since I grew up in a decidedly un-magical bedroom in California where it never snows, you can see how these things all have a way of working out...

Some Beautiful Creatures Movie Posters which you can download to your desktop:

Chapter One of  Beautiful Creatures to read online or download to your desktop

And....That's not all! One lucky reader will win a copy of Beautiful Creatures: The Illustrated Movie Companion with thanks to Puffin Books!

Competition is UK Only and Closes January 26th 2013.

Just fill in the form below to enter!


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