Tuesday 10 July 2012

Book Review: No Such Thing as Forever by Ali Cronin.

Product details:
Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd.
Release date: June 7th 2012.
ebook, 200 pages.
Rating: 4 out of 5.
Ages: 14+
Source: Purchased.

Real love. Real lives. The real thing . . . Girl Heart Boy is the irresistible new romantic series for teens, combining the romance of The OC with the realism of Skins and the sexiness of E L James' Fifty Shades of Grey - for a teen audience. Girl Heart Boy is perfect for fans of Twilight and the Hunger Games looking for their next must-have read.

Four girls, three boys, turning 18. Get set to follow their eventful final year at school . . .

Cass is Ms Monogamy. Ashley is a player. Donna is a party girl. But what about Sarah? Her friends tease her for being uptight, but she's waiting for The One. Now she's found him, but is he forever - or is Sarah just his summer fling?

Perfect for fans of Sugar Rush and Skins, No Such Thing as Forever, the first book in Ali Cronin’s Girl Heart Boy series, is an addictive read that will add a whole lot of sizzle to your summer!

Sarah’s group has been best friends all through school and they share everything with each other. There’s Ashley, who loves them and leaves them, Donna, the all-night-party girl, and Cass, who’s been in a relationship with Adam for what seems like forever. And then there’s Sarah. She’s the sensible one, the one that ‘doesn’t do men’, the only virgin in the group.  Until now, that is.  While the girls were broken up for the summer, Sarah met older guy Joe while on holiday in Spain. So now she’s got stories to tell and secrets to share with the girls. But what if Joe isn’t all Sarah’s cracked him up to be?  What if he’s just using her? What if he is just in it for the sex?

Ali Cronin doesn’t hold back in this book.  It’s definitely one that’s at the mature end of the YA scale with themes that are raw, gritty, real, and, oh yes, steamy! Sarah and Joe spend a few stolen weekends at his student digs in London, and let’s just say they don’t sit around staring into each others eyes and whispering sweet nothings to each other during that time. No Such Thing as Forever is just not that kind of book! Instead it’s a whole lot of fun with its realistic portrayal of teens and the situations they find themselves in as they attempt to navigate the rocky path of first love, or at least first lust, and all the hopes and fears, and heartbreaks that come with it.

 No Such Thing as Forever is narrated by easy-to-relate-to Sarah as she tries to maintain her long distance relationship with Joe, who is at Uni in London.  She falls for Joe fast and is not ready to write him off as just a summer fling. She wants them to be something special, something that matters.  But Joe seems distant. He takes ages to reply to her texts, never calls her, and when they do meet up, it’s just for sex.  And then there’s the problem of his friend Mimi, who hates Sarah on sight. Is Mimi just a typical run of the mill bitch? Or is there something more behind her behaviour?  Sarah’s friends give her advice on Mimi, they tell her that Joe’s not the one for her, that she’ll only get hurt in the end, but like all true addicts, Sarah can’t give Joe up until she finds out the ugly truth for herself.

No Such Thing as Forever is a great start to this new series. Its fun, fast-paced plot along with Cronin’s witty and engaging writing style meant that I read it in one sitting.  I can’t wait for more fun and frolics when the next book in the series Rumour Has It releases soon!


  1. This sounds so good Leanna! I like that the relationship is realistically portrayed in this story even if that does push it into the mature YA category, and I definitely want to know what's up with Joe and how he really feels for Sarah. This one was completely new to me until your post yesterday, thanks so much for bringing it to my attention!

  2. Even though the summary was a bit iffy (a lot of name dropping there! also, I don't think a contemp has much in common with Twilight or Hunger Games...), your review made it seem like a cute book! I love that it's realistic and fun. :)

  3. daisychainbooks10 July 2012 at 18:19

     The portrayal of teen relationships in this book is very realistic which is one of the reasons I loved in so much.  It's more of a 'New Adult' book than YA with characters ranging from 17-20 but it's being marketed as YA over here & is definitely mature YA.

  4. daisychainbooks10 July 2012 at 18:22

     I know, right. That was mentioned by Liz in the other post I did about this book yesterday. It doesn't really make sense to market it as one for fans of Twilight or THG when it's a contemp and nothing like either of those two books. But that's the summary posted on Amazon at the moment. Maybe they'll change it...

  5. Ooh, this sounds perfect for the summer. The main character sounds confused and sweet. Also a typical young adult. ;) 

  6. THERE'S A GIRL NAMED MIMI!! I think that makes it an automatic buy, in my opinion! x) It's not exactly a common name, so whenever I see it in a book (especially an awesome one), it makes me beam! :')

    LOL after seeing you reveal this one before, I'm really excited to get my hands on this!  It seems like one of the more mature YA books, but with all the cutesy ones I've been reading lately, I'm really in the mood for something a little more serious like this. Amazing review, Leanna! <3

  7. This sounds BRILLIANT. I only know this author from the first Skins novel, and she did a pretty good job with the characters for that. Great review!

  8. Sounds like an excellent summer read! I appreciate the realistic portrayal of teens - some books are just way off with the characters and how they act. Fab review, glad you enjoyed this one!

  9. daisychainbooks11 July 2012 at 09:56

     I dunno if you're gonna much like the Mimi in this book. She's definitely not as awesome as you!!

  10. daisychainbooks11 July 2012 at 09:56

     Thanks, Anna! Yeah - this one was a really good read and a nice surprise as I didn't really know much about the series before last week! :)

  11. daisychainbooks11 July 2012 at 09:57

    I loved the realistic portrayal of teens too - sometimes characters in YA just don't ring true - mostly they all act way too mature, but this one got it spot on imo. :)

  12. Heather@The Flyleaf Review11 July 2012 at 18:23

    This book and author are completely new to me, but this definitely looks like something I would like to read.  And BRING IT because I am all about the steamy:) adding it to the TBR list now:))


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