Tuesday 17 January 2012

Darkness Falls Blog Tour & Giveaway: Interview with Cate Tiernan.

Today I'm welcoming Cate Tiernan to the blog as part of the Darkness Falls blog tour. If you didn't already know, Darkness Falls is the second installment in Cate's Immortal Beloved trilogy. I'll be reviewing Darkness Falls on here soon (I really enjoyed it!) but for now, read on to find out more (Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Incy - yes please!) and to possibly win a copy of the book too!


Darkness Falls continues the story of Nastasya, an Immortal who has lived for over 450 years. For anyone who hasn’t yet met Nasty, how would you describe her?

Whew! Nastasya is quite a character! At the beginning of the trilogy, she’s, well, awful. Selfish, narcissistic, snide, unkind . . . but by the end of book three, I hope people find her quite different. My idea with Immortal Beloved was to take someone that seemed to have no redeeming qualities, and then show how even she can change, given a second chance.

Nasty is a character who’s really grown on me since I first met her in Immortal Beloved, and in this book we learn much more about the lives of the other Immortals in Nasty’s life. From Reyn to River, Lorenz and of course not forgetting Innocencio, everybody has a story to tell. Who is your favourite character to write about besides Nastasya, and why?

Well, I find them all interesting. They’ve all had life stories and experiences that I would love to explore. I could write whole books about many of them. But after Nastasya, I love writing Reyn, because he’s so unexpressive and guarded, but I still have to show enough to let the readers know what’s going on beneath his reserve. I love River. What a life she’s had! I think Brynne is so fun. I would love to show Asher’s centuries of being Jewish, all over the world. I always fall in love with my characters, and want to tell their stories.

In Immortal Beloved and Darkness Falls we get to journey through time with Nasty, revisiting her throughout history and finding out more about her particular blend of magick. What kind of research did you undertake while writing the series?

So. Much. Research. Though I know the copyeditor will check everything, I try to be as accurate as possible. I research so many minute details, and get so sucked into following different topics—clothes, food, weapons, architecture, geography, travel, boats, trains, horses, different cities at different times, wars . . . it’s all so interesting. I’m constantly torn with wanting to put much more detail in, just because I know it, and it’s a bummer when I have to admit that it might not add that much to the actual story.

Who would you love to see in the roles of Nasty and Incy if a movie of the series were ever made?

Gosh. I don’t know current young actors well enough to really say. They would have to be young but with an ability to seem really old and hint at centuries of experience. From my very limited knowledge of actors, I think maybe Dakota Fanning? Evan Rachel Wood? Mia Wasikowska? I’m just going on physical appearance here. I’m sure there are so many talented people I have no clue about. For Incy—Joseph Gordon-Levitt? I just don’t know. It’s fun when readers send in their suggested cast lists.

What can we expect for Nasty and Co. in the third and final book in the trilogy, Immortal Light, out next year?

It’s the culmination of what Nas has been working toward. In book two, she took a giant step backward. In book three, she takes two steps forward, one step back, then three steps forward. In book one, Nastasya was coming to terms with herself. In book two, she was coming to terms with her immediate community at River’s Edge. Book three pushes her out into the larger community, with somewhat mixed results. Things with Reyn progress (squee), but again it’s a bit forward, a bit backward, then a bit forward. But I hope readers will be happy about where Nas ends up.

Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved #2) by Cate Tiernan is out now from Hodder & Soughton in hardback & ebook, priced £12.99.

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  1. Great post! I've been seeing this book a lot and I'm really curious about it it sounds like a great read!

    Xpresso Reads

  2. I read the first book in the series and I forgot that the second one is coming out! Thanks for sharing this interview.

  3. I love River too! She's fascinating, I love reading about her. So excited for book three! Can't wait to see what happens next. Great post, thanks! :)

  4. I'm reading Darkness Falls right now! :) on page 314!

    <3 Reyn!

    I like Rachel Wood for Nat!

    Great interview!

  5. Eeee, loved the hint at what to expect in book 3! Progression with Nas/Reyn? YES! And lots of backward/forward/backward/forward moving? I wouldn't expect anything less :D I love that Nas is such a flawed character and screws up majorly. And I especially love the redemptive theme Cate has going throughout the series.

    These are such fresh, captivating books. Bring on the third installment! (and please hurry :P) Fab interview!


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