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September 2011 - Competition Winners//Books of the Month//Win a copy of Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts & Best New Books for October!

My Month in Review post has had a makeover! Putting together all those links was sooooo time consuming! If ever you want to look back on the month gone by there's an archive further down the page or a list of book reviews A-Z up top!

From now on I'll be doing a quick round up of my favourite books of the month gone by as well as highlighting my top book picks from the 'soon to be released' pile!

You'll also find competition winners listed here along with news of what's coming up on the blog and I might even do a giveaway or two!

First things first....Competition Winners!

Diana G. won a copy of Everlasting by Alyson Noel.

Gemma O. won a copy of Bloodlines by Richelle Mead and Vampire Academy: The Graphic Novel.

Nikki D. won a Mary Hooper Historical Fiction Prize Pack.

Sena won my 1000 Followers Prize Pack #1 - Really Great Reads.

Stephanie B. won my 1000 Followers Prize Pack #2 - The Summer Special.

Andi won my 1000 Followers Prize Pack #3 - Most Wanted.

All winners have been notified and you should have your books soon. For books sent from The Book Depository please allow up to 28 days for delivery.
*Please Note: I am not responsible for books lost in the mail (luckily this hasn't happened yet!)
** Sena - Please contact me to claim your prize! I emailed you a couple days back. :)
Check out my competition to win a copy of VIII by H.M. Castor (UK Only)

Books I Loved in September:

Book of the MonthDark Inside by Jeyn Roberts.  I loved this book describing it as Apocalyptic awesomeness for horror fans! If that sounds like your kind of thing, then buy this book! You won't be disappointed!

Read my Review of: Dark Inside.
Read my Interview with: Jeyn Roberts.
I rated Dark Inside: 5 out of 5. A must read!

I also Loved: Velvet by Mary Hooper.  Stunning historical fiction depicting the spiritualist craze that swept Victorian and Edwardian England.

Read my Review of : Velvet.
I rated Velvet: 4½ out of 5. Very highly recommended!

What I'm reading now: Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor and I gotta say DO believe the hype surrounding this one. You will get lost in Laini Taylor's beautiful words as she takes you on a journey to a fantastical world. I'll be reviewing this one next week and I'll be giving away a copy of the book too!

Win a copy of Dark Inside by Jeyn Roberts!
I don't give 5 star ratings too often, so when I do I want to celebrate!


My Top Picks for October:

Can you actually believe it's October tomorrow? September went by so fast!
October is not as crazy as September release wise (seriously September is a crazy month in book publishing. My TBR pile was insane!) October is nice and calm in that respect, but there are still some great releases upcoming that I can't wait to get to!

L-R: Angel Fire (Angel #2) by L.A. Weatherly, Between by Jessica Warman, Silence (Hush, Hush #3) by Becca Fitzpatrick.

Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly

Angel was one of my favourite books of 2010 and now finally the sequel Angel Fire is here! Oh, and more news: there's a quote from my review of Angel in this one. Keep an eye out for it! :)

Angel Fire by L.A. Weatherly is available October 1st.

Between by Jessica Warman

Love the sound of this one! It's described as The Lovely Bones for the YA crowd and as a big fan of The Lovely Bones  I have high hopes for this one! The synopsis is awesome, as is the book trailer. You can watch the book trailer by seeking out my book trailer post (OK, I did it for you, it's here) or clicking on the blog tour banner in the sidebar.

Between by Jessica Warman is available October 3rd.

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick

The wait is almost over! After that killer cliffhanger ending in Crescendo I have been counting down the days to Silence.  But if you thought this was the last you'd see of Patch and Nora...then think again! Becca Fitzpatrick is writing a fourth Hush, Hush book. Yay!!

Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick is available October 4th.

If you can't wait you can read the first chapter: here
I haven't read this because I know if I do I will just want more!

Coming up on the blog in October:

Amongst other treats I will have... A giveaway of a copy of Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor...Blog tours for Angel Fire and Between and an interview with Amy Kathleen Ryan author of GLOW!

I'll also be organising some special spooky treats for Halloween!

New Blogs

I've noticed lately that my blog roll is in need of a revamp! (I haven't updated for a long time!) so if you have a fab new book blog and you already have me on your blog roll, leave your link here and I'll return the favour!


  1. Thank you for a great giveaway, Leanna! Your 5 star books always come out as fantastic reads, plus I've been on the look out for this book anyway *wink*

  2. Looking forward to the Angel Fire blog tour! And can't wait to see what you have in stored for Halloween :P.

  3. Great idea! I am reading BETWEEN now, and it is fantastic. Absolutely fantastic :)

  4. @Kara-Karina - Thanks! Hope you love Dark Inside as much as I did! Good luck in the comp! :)

    @Liz - I have nothing planned for Halloween yet - just ideas that will hopefully come together at the last minute (as usual!) lol!

    @Melissa - Between is next on my TBR. Really looking forward to reading it! :)

  5. Whoa! This post is overflowing with awesome-ness! I also can't wait for Silence! And I have never heard of Between before- I shall have to check it out! ;)

  6. Congrats to the winners!! And so excited for new books coming out!

  7. Leanna
    I have passed this award to you

  8. Thanks for the giveaway! And congrats to all of the winners!

    I'm excited for Silence, but I'm not sure about a fourth book...idk! I'll have to read and see!

  9. @booketta - Award Free Blog! But thanks for the thought!

    @Jacinda - Yeah, I was pretty ready for Patch & Nora's story to wrap up, but, we'll see...!

  10. Can't wait to read Dark Inside! So glad you loved it =)

  11. Thanks a lot for this giveaway, I can't wait to read the book!


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