Monday 20 June 2011

Announcement: Amy & Roger's Epic Blog Tour!

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour by Morgan Matson is one of the best books I've read this summer - it became an instant favourite of mine and I didn't want to let it go! I can't wait to read more from Morgan!

To celebrate the UK release of Amy & Roger's Epic Detour, Simon & Schuster UK have organised a very cool blog tour which starts right here on July 4th. I'll also have some other treats in store in addition to my Q&A with Morgan, so watch this space!

You can find full details of the blog tour in the banner below and if you click it, you'll be directed to an exclusive Spotify playlist featuring a selection of twelve tracks from one of Amy & Roger's addictive road trip playlists! I love those playlists!



Please Note: Spotify is currently available in the following countries: Finland, France, Norway, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.


  1. Loving the title and cannot wait to here more from you about this one.

  2. Thanks for the link to the playlist! :)
    I really have to read Amy & Roger's Epic Detour.

  3. Ooh I've had this on my TBL for a while, looking forward to the blog tour.

  4. I cannot wait for this tour. I want this book BAD for the music :D :D

  5. I so can't wait for this tour - I've had this book on my TBR list for ages and can't wait to read it. I hope it becomes available here soon.

  6. Currently reading this and l love it!
    I am going to go through the playlists at the end and listen to them =)


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