Monday, 23 May 2011

Blog Tour Announcement: Immortal War (Vampirates) by Justin Somper!

It seems to be the season for blog tours!  This latest tour I'm telling you about is being organised by Simon & Schuster UK in order to celebrate the release of the sixth and final book in Justin Somper's much loved Vampirates series.  I'm pretty excited to read the guest post that Justin is writing for my stop on the tour. In it, he'll talk about the end of the Vampirates era and saying goodbye to those characters that he's come to know and love. 

Check back on June 13th when the tour will be stopping here.  In the meantime, you can check out all the other great blogs that are partaking in the tour! Why not also check out the dedicated Vampirates website where you can find out lots more about the series, and even download an extract of Immortal War!

A bloody war is raging across the oceans, with the Pirate Federation and Nocturnals in alliance against the renegade Vampirates, led by Sidorio and Lola. Lola might be heavily pregnant with twins, but it doesn't stop her from remaining an active in battle!

Connor and Grace Tempest each have important roles to play - he as a pirate warrior at the heart of the fight; she as a powerful healer working with the war-wounded. As the twins face their greatest challenges to date, old allies and foes return to play their part in the ultimate battle of Pirate versus Vampirate.

Watch this great video where Justin announces the tour & talks about the plot of Immortal War:

Tour Stops: 

Monday 6th June -- Chicklish - Extract #1 

Tuesday 7th June -- My Favourite Books - An interview with Justin Somper

Wednesday 8th June -- The Crooked Shelf - Guest Post: on Lady Lola Lockwood & The Women of Vampirates

Thursday 9th June -- Feeling Fictional - Animal Antics

Friday 10th June -- The Bookette --Extract #2

Saturday 11th June - Girls Without A Bookshelf - Playlists & The Music of Vampirates

Sunday 12th June - Wondrous Reads - 10 Ways to Know You're Obsessed with Vampirates

Monday 13th June -- Daisy Chain Books - Guest Post: Ending An Era -- Killing Off Vampirates

Tuesday 14th June -- Empire of Books -- Top ten Vampirates characters ever

Wednesday 15th June -- Book Zone For Boys -- Q&A with Justin

Thursday 16th June - I Want To Read That - WIN! Vampirates swag



  1. I love Darren Shan! How come I never heard of theses books! I must get!

  2. I had not heard of the series before - it looks like fun! I will be looking forward to the guest post.

  3. OMG!!!! I love this series, Justin Somper is amazing. Didn't know there was a new one coming out, you just made my day. :D

    Can't wait to read your post.

  4. Oh wow, many great UK blogs are involved in this blog tour and I haven't even heard of Vampirates before. It doesn't sound like a book series that I'd like, but I am still looking forward to your tour stop:)


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