Tuesday 24 August 2010

Any New Books? - a great new book notification service for book lovers like you & me!

This is just what I've been looking for!  Like many book bloggers I spend a lot of time checking out book catalogues, author blogs and various other sources trying to keep up with the latest book releases. So, how happy was I when I received an email from this great new site last week? Yes, you guessed it, I was very happy!

Any New Books is a new service where you can sign up to receive weekly email updates about new release books. Best of all, it's totally free! I just signed up and I'm eagerly awaiting my first email updates.  There are lots of categories to choose from (42 in all).  I'll be getting updates on new releases in Entertainment, Horror, Literature and Fiction, Mystery and Thrillers,and Teen genres, amongst others.

So, if you want to sign up (it's quick and easy), just do so at this link:



  1. Thanks Sabrina - I hadn't heard of the Fantastic Fiction app. I'll go look! :)

  2. Wow this sounds fantastic!! Just what I need

  3. Awesome resource, thanks so much for sharing!
    (And definitely DO read Tyger Tyger, it was amazing!)


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