Tuesday 24 July 2018

Summer Update: Too hot to Blog, A Colour-Coordinated TBR, TV Recommendations & A Summer Playlist Too!

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Greetings from a long, hot summer! It's been a while, hasn't it? A while since I've blogged - a while since I've spent very much time online at all, really. And the reason for that? Sunshine. Lots and lots of sunshine. That - and the fact that my problematic laptop finally gave up the ghost (RIP).  While I haven't been blogging a whole lot at all, I have, in between watching many, many World Cup matches, been reading. I just haven't been reviewing. I'll be back soon, though, with a review of Social Creature by Tara Isabella Burton along with a round-up of some the many thrillers I've read this summer. Time was my summer reading was filled with cutesy coming-of-age tales of first love and summer romances (swoon!). This summer, though, while it has been hot, hot, hot outside, my summer reading has been decidedly dark and dreary, ha! I do have a couple of feel-good YA reads on my summer TBR though, so maybe I need to lighten up, reading wise, and get started on something like Save the Date by Morgan Matson very soon! 

In the meantime, take a look at some of the books I plan to read in August:

Yup, my reading list is still pretty thriller-heavy, but I have included some YA in there. I feel as though I barely read YA nowadays - and I must be missing out on some great YA titles because of that. It's just that I'm all about the twisty thrillers these days. I have a never-ending list of thrillers I want to read. YA has kind of taken a back seat. I have a bunch of YA authors that are auto-buy authors for me, but I've been a little lazy in checking out new authors this year. I need to work on that!

I've also been watching some good stuff this summer. I enjoyed (is enjoyed the right word, though?!) the second season of Thirteen Reasons Why (I know some people didn't love it) and I'm excited to get started on the TV adaptation of Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects very soon.  In fact, maybe I'll get started on watching that tonight. I've also been re-watching American Horror Story in anticipation of its upcoming crossover season. I haven't watched AHS since Coven, though I maybe-plan on watching Hotel, but it just so happens that I very much enjoyed Murder House and Coven (Asylum was a BIT too disturbing for my tastes!) so I'm totally here for Apocalypse. Anyone else?

Oh, and if you haven't seen it (though, let's face it, you probably have!) here's the trailer for the much anticipated movie adaptation of Jenny Han's glorious To All The Boys I've Loved Before. Coming to Netflix in August.

Looking for some new music? Here's a sampler of songs I've been listening to this summer. Enjoy!

Check back soon for my latest book reviews and a round-up of some new books on my radar!

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