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My Top Reads of 2015!

It's no secret that 2015 has been a bit of a mixed-bag of a reading year for me. I've suffered through some reading slumps, that's for sure, and it's also safe to say that a few of the books I was really looking forward to reading this year didn't quite work out for me. Still, it wasn't all bad. I did read some really great books - just not as many as previous years!

I've decided to split my favourite reads into two categories this year: Adult and Young Adult - and since I don't have a whole lot of favourites from this year (ONE five-star read, guys!) I'll be doing a Top Three in each category. I've also followed Arianne's lead and included a few bonus picks. Enjoy!


Favourite Adult Fiction
(In order of preference)

This was a very-late-in-the-year read for me, and I'm so glad I managed to fit it in as it turned out to be the only book I rated five-stars this year. I don't award five-stars unless I really, really love a book, and I really loved this one. This was very much a read-it-in-one-sitting book for me as I literally couldn't put it down once the twists started to unfold.  Also, Lily Kintner has to be the best bad girl I've read in a long time. So much fun! (In a very twisted kind of way!)


I had heard little about I Let You Go until it was recommended to me by my blogger friend Vicki of Cosy Books who told me I would love it. She was right. I was blown away by this book which contains what I referred to in my review as: ONLY ONE OF THE BEST PLOT TWISTS EVER. I love it when a book really surprises me as this one did. I read so many thrillers these days that it doesn't often happen so it's extra special when it does!  


The Girl on the Train is the book EVERYONE was talking about this year. I've seen a lot of books described as 'The new Gone Girl' but this is one of the few that lived up to that description. A true page-turner, this one kept me hooked from start to finish, and though I did find the outcome easy to predict, this was nonetheless a thoroughly enjoyable read for me.  Movie rights to this one were sold early on, with Emily Blunt since cast in the lead. Put this on your list of movies to watch next year!


Favourite Young Adult Fiction
(In order of preference)

99 Days is the kind of book you will either love or hate. I've seen a lot of negative reviews for this one pertaining to the subject matter of the book.  99 Days is all about cheating, and the protagonist of the piece, Molly, is a little blasé about the whole thing. She cheats, feels bad about it for a minute, and then cheats again. I should have hated Molly - but I didn't. Instead I found her very real - and I loved reading about her drama-filled life. This is the first book I've read from Katie Cotugno, and it was also my favourite YA read this year.


All of my favourite YA reads from this year are contemps, so of course Sarah Dessen had to be on this list! That said, I didn't have super high hopes for Saint Anything, since I didn't love Dessen's last release, The Moon and More.  This was a nice surprise then for me, because I just adored this book.  I always find that Dessen's books are so heartwarming and wholesome and honest too, and Saint Anything is certainly no exception to that rule.


If Jenny Han releases a book in any given year, then it's a good chance said book will make my end-of-year favourites list, because in my mind Jenny Han can do no wrong.  P.S. I Still Love You is another great read from Han full of multi-layered characters, quotable quotes and swoony romance. Lara Jean Covey is a wise-beyond-her-years character you can really root for, while little sister Kitty surely deserves her very own spin-off series at some point. 


Bonus: Favourite YA Debut of 2015

Another contemp, I know! I really have to start reading outside my comfort zone of thrillers and contemps next year! Anyway, so this was adorable: a tale of friendships, family and football pitched as Pride and Prejudice meets Friday Night Lights. I try to check out a lot of YA debuts every year, and this one definitely stood out for me in 2015. 


Bonus: Favourite Read of 2015 Published Before 2015

I just right now realised that I never got around to writing a review for Sinner. Ooops. All you need to know is that I loved this book. Maggie Steifvater wrote a whole book about my favourite bad boy Cole St. Clair. How could my reaction be anything but total love?  Here's what I gushingly said about this book per a mini-Goodreads review: 

"Loved this! LOVED Cole (as always!) He is so wonderfully, wonderfully written. Isabel infuriated me at times (as always!) but she and Cole just work together. Sam and Grace are sweet, sweet, sweet, while Cole and Isabel are off the charts hot, and their make-out scenes are written accordingly! Oh, and the writing. The dialogue. The setting. Just WOW. L.O.V.E."

So, I mean, I guess you could say I liked it, yeah...


And....That is IT from the blog for 2015.* Thank you for reading. An extra special thank you to those who leave comments and feedback on my reviews and ramblings.

Happy Holidays -- I'll see you in 2016!

In the meantime, let me know what you think of my favourite reads of 2015. Tell me what books you loved this year! 

*Unless I get bored and decide to do some end-of-year reading surveys or giveaways.


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