Friday 24 April 2015

TV & Movies: The Jinx, All Good Things, Rectify, Bates Motel & More!

Here's a round up of some of my recently watched movies and TV shows.

When on blogging breaks, I find I like to binge-watch Netflix. 

Read on for more.

Four Decades.
Three Murders.
And One Very Rich Subject.

If you loved Serial - or even if you've never heard of Serial - you should watch this. The Jinx is a must-watch documentary series centering on millionaire Robert Durst - and it is truly fascinating stuff. This is one of the best things I've seen in a while. Durst is a compelling character - and the findings and outcome of this six-part documentary series are very interesting indeed. Watch as Durst makes a jury laugh out loud (more than once) while he is on trial for the murder and dismemberment of his supposed friend. Watch (in disbelief) as he quite literally gets away with murder.  Watch as many, many twists in this tale unfold during the making of this documentary. It is truly riveting - and chilling - stuff.


The Perfect Love Story.
Until it Became the Perfect Crime.

All Good Things, based on the life of Robert Durst, was on my to-watch list forever, and I finally got around to it a few weeks before The Jinx aired.  This movie has some not-so-great reviews, but the lead performances are strong, and I really enjoyed it overall. Robert Durst did too, so much so that he contacted  director Andrew Jarecki, and offered an interview. And so, The Jinx was born.  I didn't know a whole lot about the life of Robert Durst before watching this movie; All Good Things provides a comprehensive overview. 


We're Not Bad People,
But We Did a Bad Thing.

It seems like forever since I watched Bloodline - and it was only a month ago. Well, I guess that is sometimes the consequence of Netflix and watching all episodes in a couple of late-night binge-watches. Bloodline definitely lends itself to binge-watching.  It's starts off a little slow, maybe, but the characters and their performances are so compelling, that you can't help but roll over to that next chapter. Major props to Ben Mendelsohn for his performance as black-sheep-of-the-Rayburn-family, ne'er do good Danny. I loved Season One of this show, but after a certain something that happened to a certain someone, I'm left to wonder if Season 2 will live up to my great expectations. Bloodline is set to return next year, so we shall see.


Rectify just kept on showing up on my Netflix recommendations  - Netflix assured me I would love this - and so I just had to check it out!

Imprisoned as a teen for the rape and murder of a teenage girl, Daniel Holden has just been released after nineteen years in prison due to new DNA evidence that has come to light. That doesn't mean he's innocent - and he's soon to learn that quite a lot of people in his hometown of Paulie bear a grudge against him. But some of those people are hiding secrets... I really enjoyed this Southern Gothic with its multi-layered characters and strong performances. It may be a little slow moving for some - I found it to be slow moving at times - but I admit to eventually being completely hooked on this show as I pressed play on just one more episode.

Two seasons are available to watch on Netflix, with season three to air on Sundance TV this summer.



Bates Motel is one of my favourite shows to watch. So messed up! If you haven't seen this, then you must check it out. Freddie Highmore plays a young Norman Bates in this contemporary prequel to 'Psycho' and so you just know that everything is going to end very badly indeed! I have to admit that I felt a little sorry for young Norman in seasons 1 and 2 of this show - I'm all heart, I know - but this season Norman is in full on psycho mode and he is really freaking me out! There is some truly scary stuff going on in that head of his, and while I know how it all ends - I'm wondering how far the show will take it. I don't think this show has been renewed for a fourth season yet - at least not at the time of writing - but I wish it could go on forever.

Also, I am loving badass Sheriff Romero this season and I'm totally hoping for a little romance for him with Norma. Love those two!  Anybody else love this show?

So, I just realised that everything I've been watching is pretty messed up, dark and twisted. 

And I just finished reading Dark Places by Gillian Flynn...which was GRAPHIC. And sick.

Maybe I need something a little lighter to watch - or to read.

Any recommendations?


  1. ChristinaBookAddict24 April 2015 at 13:00

    Awesome recommendations. I am intrigued by Rectify and The Jinx. Will have to check them out. You know I was slow to warm up to Bloodline, but then quickly became a fan. I can't wait to see how season two will play out. I hope it's as good. Happy Friday!

  2. Bloodline I have wanted to check out for a while. Do you watch Arrow I am trying to find some one who loves it apart from my sister LOL.

    Megan @

  3. I love Bates Motel too! Unfortunately only the first two seasons are available to watch on Netflix in the UK but I can't wait for season 3. x

  4. The Jinx is really interesting - and Rectify was a good find! I hadn't really heard anything much about the show but it is well worth checking out!

  5. Bloodline is really good! I have never seen Arrow - you'll have to keep looking! ;)

  6. Season 3 is great! The show is getting darker and darker. Norman is pretty scary these days!

  7. That's Freddie Highmore??!!! Whoa, i haven't seen him since he was a little guy in August Rush and Finding Neverland. I'll have to check out the show, it looks really good and creepy!


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