Friday 9 January 2015

Introducing Beauty Reviews to Daisy Chain Books!

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As mentioned in my New Year, New Look, New Blog post, I'll be introducing some beauty reviews to the blog in 2015.  I'm no expert, and I won't be dishing out any professional advice - but here's  a little bit of what you can expect. 

Beauty Reviews - my focus will be on skincare products, and right now I'm all about anything that is hydrating. It's winter, and like everybody else my skin suffers from the central heating/cold weather combination that hits us right around this time of year. Lately, my skin has been feeling all dried out, so expect some reviews on some pretty heavy-duty hydrating products.

 My skin tends to play up quite a bit - it is sensitive to the max - so it makes sense that a lot of the products I use are very gentle/specifically formulated for ultra sensitive skin. If that sounds like you, then we'll be beauty BFF's.

Beauty Buzz: I'm all about finding and trying new products and while I don't have a huge beauty budget (although I spend far more than I should on skincare!) I will be highlighting new product launches in my Beauty Buzz/Most Wanted posts. 

Budget Beauty Buys: I'm all about quality beauty and skincare - if a product is worth the splurge, then I'm willing to spend, but I'm also all about budget beauty buys - I've even found a €5 concealer that has pretty much replaced my €24 concealer. I'll be highlighting Supermarket/Drugstore best buys too, because who doesn't love a good bargain?

The beauty section of this blog is most definitely a work in progress and over the next few months I will see how it goes. I'm not sure how exactly I'm going to bring in an influx of readers who are on the lookout for beauty news and reviews. After all, everyone that reads this blog is here for the books, right? But I'm hoping that at least a few of you will be interested in this new beauty section too!

If you have any suggestions/what you'd like to see in the beauty section, let me know in comments.

P.S: Some of my favourite beauty blogs:
Caroline Hirons
The Sunday Girl
Viva Adonis - Irish Beauty Blog!

Do you have any great beauty blogs that you follow? I'm on the lookout for beauty blogs to follow (I basically read the three above, and Essie Button from time to time) and I want to find some more!

My first beauty review will be up later today!



  2. ChristinaBookAddict9 January 2015 at 13:18

    I am really looking forward to your beauty reviews. I have the same type of skin. It's dry in the winter and sensitive. Are you super pale too? Right about now, I look like an extra in a Twilight video. I could use some major color. Anyway, I have been trying to find more beauty items that are paraben free as well as free of ridiculous chemicals. Not sure you guys have the problem in Ireland, but here in the US, they add unnecessary chemicals to just about everything. When I was over in Ireland/UK, I noticed that your lotions and beauty products seem to be purer and more natural, so I am excited to see what beauty finds you come up with!

  3. I am super SUPER pale! I mean, I am pale as in people sometimes ask me if I'm ill - I am that pale! I use a lot of all natural/paraben free products so I'll definitely include some of those here!

  4. Jess Hearts Books9 January 2015 at 17:43

    I love that you'll be doing beauty reviews now! I've wanted to branch out and do a beauty blog for a while but I just don't have the time! Especially looking forward to your sensitive skin posts because mine is the same!

  5. ChristinaBookAddict9 January 2015 at 20:18

    YES! Me too. People are always asking me the same thing. Do you have dark hair as well? B/c my hair is medium-dark brown and I think it just makes me look even more pale. I recently found out I was low in iron as well, which I am sure is contributing to the fact that I look like a ghost. So, if you have any products with a tint in them or bronzer recommendations, do share. Otherwise, I may just blend in with the snow this winter. ha.


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