Wednesday 21 January 2015

Beauty Buzz: Chloé Love Story Eau de Parfum.

Beauty Buzz: In which I treat you to a sneak peek of my beauty wish list.

With a design inspired by the Ponts des Arts 'love locks' bridge and an advertising campaign fronted by Clémence Poésy, Love Story, the new fragrance from Chloé, exudes all the sophistication and seduction of endlessly romantic night in Paris.

I have long been a fan of Chloé perfumes - the signature scent is also my signature scent (six years and counting!) and so I was very excited to hear of this new fragrance a few months back. Love Story took a while to get to our shores (it released in France way back in August) but it's here now (exclusive to Debenhams until the end of the month, I believe) and I, for one, plan on treating myself to a bottle very soon.

 Love Story is marketed as a 'night' fragrance - according to its ad campaign at least - but I've heard that it is a very light, fresh, floral fragrance, best suited to day. That makes sense to me, as for the most part, Chloé fragrances are very floral and fresh. The only one that comes to mind as being suitable as a night fragrance is Love Chloé a gorgeous musky scent  that I wore religiously a couple of years back.  Love Chloe just oozes sophistication, whereas Chloé and See are flighty, fun, and yes, even flirty.

With notes of orange blossom, neroli and jasmine, I reckon Love Story is another one that will fall into the light, fresh, fun and flirty category.

Have you tried Love Story? I'd love to hear some feedback on this one!


  1. ChristinaBookAddict21 January 2015 at 12:43

    I have never tried Chloe perfumes, but I will have to sample some next time I pass the fragrance counter. My issue with perfumes is that they ALWAYS discontinue my favorites, like Michael Kohrs Island Hawaii, Kate Spade Twirl and Vera Wang's signature (and then they charge a ridiculous amount to get them from random websites to get it). UGH. Maybe I should stick to something a little more permanent like Chanel's line or this one! Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Chloe perfumes are gorgeous - you should definitely check them out! I don't think they'll ever discontinue the original Chloe scent - that's the one with the ribbon on the bottle - since it's so popular. You'll be safe with that one. Bonus: it smells divine and the packaging is so cute!


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