Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Beauty Buzz: Chanel Spring 2015 Collection Réverie Parisienne Limited Edition.

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I'll tell you a little secret about me: I am obsessed - and I mean - OBSESSED with Chanel nail polishes.  When they are limited edition, that's when my obsession gets out of control. I'm talking Particuliere, I'm talking Jade - that one was so difficult (impossible) to get on release that I had to settle for a dupe from Urban Outfitters. It was a pretty good dupe, actually, although a shade or two darker than Jade. At the time, Jade was selling for hundreds of dollars on eBay - and though it is pretty crazy, my Chanel nail polish obsession is not quite crazy enough to shell out that kind of money on a nail polish. 

I always breathe a sigh of relief, then, when Chanel release limited edition collection nail polishes that I am not entirely crazy about. Hey, it saves on cash and time spent trawling eBay when the collections inevitably sell out.

Chanel's new spring 2015 collection is inspired by a 'palette of colours gathered in a Parisian garden', and while these purple and pink shades (Tenderly and Désirio respectively) are quite pretty - they are not really me. I rarely wear pinks (apart from summer pedicures) and while I like the purple to me it looks similar to a shade I had a couple years back; Essie's Merino Cool, in case you were wondering. I'd have to see it in store, though, so see just how similar they are. I think this one is a little lighter than Merino Cool. Actually, the more I look at it, the more it's growing on me. Maybe I need to take a closer look at Tenderly, after all...

What do you think of the new Chanel limited edition nail polishes?

You can see the full collection - including some rather nice eyeshadow quads and a pretty blush by the name of Angélique Here.

The Chanel spring 2015 collection is available now.

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