Monday 22 December 2014

My Top Ten Reads of 2014!


I mean, I pretty much LOVE everything Jenny Han writes, so it's no surprise that To All the Boys I've Loved Before is my favourite book of 2014. This book left me with a big smile on my face and I just could not get enough. To All the practically perfect in every way because Jenny Han just gets it so right. Every time.


Open Road Summer was one of my favourite reads this past summer and I've been recommending it to people far and wide ever since.  I was pretty sure from reading the description of this one that I'd like it - I guess I didn't know just how much I would enjoy it. I loved this tale of wild child Reagan, her country superstar best friend Dee, and of course, Matt Finch. What a guy! Emery Lord is now on my auto-buy list.


That's right: my top three books of 2014 are all YA Contemps. Isla comes in at number three - and let me tell you it was a hard call between Open Road Summer and this one for the second spot, so let's just say Isla is very close to second on my list.  Stephanie Perkins writes all the perfect words - and the best boys. Out of the three boys in these companion novels I would be just good friends with Cricket, flirt and laugh a lot with Etienne, and I would totally date Josh - although he would annoy me at times, I know it.


This book is one of the reasons I love blogging, because I guarantee you - if I wasn't a book blogger I never would have found this book. And what a find it was.  I had never heard of Tempus before Holly Lauren contacted me with the offer of a review copy - and oh, how glad I am that I read this tale of Chapel and Zay. Tempus is a touch Science Fiction and a touch Paranormal but it reads like a YA Contemp which is one of the reasons I loved it so much. You should totally check it out too.


I have to admit that I had pretty much given up on New Adult when I received Deeper for review.  Sure, I love the idea of New Adult but then the whole thing kind of exploded and suddenly New Adult was everywhere which lead to me reading a lot of books that were all very similar, or not very well written, or just plain bad. Not so Deeper.  Deeper deals with the subject of revenge porn, is well written, and boy, is it hot! I wasn't totally sold on Harder - the follow up to this book - and in all honesty I think this one works best as a standalone. The second book definitely tainted my view of West. This one, however, is a total hit. 

Read my Review of Deeper


A Midsummer's Nightmare by Kody Keplinger:  This book (a 2014 release in the UK) is the first book I've read by Kody Keplinger and I can tell you I will be reading many more. I loved this story of party girl Whitley and her hot hook-up/future step-brother, Nate. I've also heard amazing things about Keplinger's The Duff and I resolve to read that one before the movie releases. 

Before Jamaica Lane by Samantha Young: The third book in Samantha Young's addictive On Dublin Street series. I've been with this series from the start - ever since Young first self-published On Dublin Street -and while I still say that the first book is my favourite - this one which tells the story of Liv and Nate (so hotttt!) is a close second.

How We Fall by Kate Brauning:  I highly recommend Kate Brauning's debut which infuses intriguing mystery with bittersweet romance. The writing is gorgeous and I can't wait to read Brauning's next book. Like Tempus, this one is a little bit of an under the radar read - but those who read it love it - and it is well worth checking out. I hope to find more of these excellent-but-under-the-radar-reads in 2015. 

Dead Silence by Kimberly Derting: OK, you got me. This is a 2013 release, but I only got around to reading it this year. Dead Silence is the final book in Derting's Body Finder series *sniff* and what a great finale it is. If you are looking for a great YA series that has lots of mystery, suspense, action and romance (Jay Heaton forever!) then look no further than this books. 

In the Blood by Lisa Unger: This last year I've been reading quite a lot of psychological mysteries/thrillers and this one was my clear favourite. Lisa Unger can always be counted on for intelligent, plot-twist-filled reads, and In the Blood is no exception.  I'm really looking forward to her new book Crazy Love You which releases February 2015.

So, there you have it, my best of 2014. What do you think? Have you read any of these? Did you love them - or hate them? Of course, as is always the case, there are a few books that I'm pretty sure will score top marks with me that I didn't get around to reading this year, but if they make the grade, I'll include them in next year's list for sure!

*Click on titles to read reviews for books six-ten on this list.


  1. This is an awesome list, To All the Boys I've Loved Before was definitely one my favourite reads this year too, I can't wait for book two! I also need to read Isla asap! :)

  2. ChristinaBookAddict22 December 2014 at 12:45

    You know I completely agree with you regarding To All the Boys, Isla, Open Road, but I haven't read a few of your other favorites that are on my TBR list, like Tempus, How We Fall and Midsummer's Nightmare….must check them out in 2015! Yay that Jenny Han made your number one spot! You know how happy that makes me! :)

  3. Such a good list - I've heard such good things about To All the Boys I've Loved Before, I really need to get around to reading it next year! Same goes for Isla!!!

  4. Oh my goodness this list parallels with my TBR list so much that it's not even funny! I can't wait to read TO All the Boys I've Loved Before, Open pad Summer, Isla and the Happily Ever After, and How We Fall.

  5. Lovely list, definitely going to have to check out Jenny Han if she is as perfect as you say. I have just created a Facebook page for my blog and it would mean a lot to me if you would like it or at least check it out:

    Kiran x

  6. I enjoyed Isla but Anna is still my faves. I thought To All the Boys was perfect! :)


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