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Delightful Debutantes Revisited - Catching up with Amy Plum!

Hi Amy! Last time we talked was right around the release of your debut novel Die for Me, which went on to be a huge success.  What were your hopes for your first novel and the rest of the series? Have all those hopes been realized?

Hi Leanna! To be quite honest, my only hope for the first novel, as for the rest of the series, was that a few good folk would pick up the book and enjoy it. So the books’ enthusiastic reception by readers has way surpassed my expectations. Fans have really embraced Kate and Vincent and the rest of the “cast”—to have other people share my love of my characters and story is like throwing a big party and having all your guests tell you it was the most fun they’d had in a long time!

How has your life changed since those early days as a debut author? Have you had any great author experiences you’d like to share?

When I got my book contract, I was able to quit my job teaching university English and focus solely on writing. That was truly a dream come true. Last year I was able to move back from the countryside (where I didn’t feel at home) to Paris (which is my heart’s home), so I feel very lucky to be able to live where I want and do what I love.

As far as great author experiences, one of my favorite things about the job has been meeting other authors. At conferences and retreats, you run into people whose books you’ve loved and read and it’s an amazing feeling to think of them as your “colleagues.” Meeting Neil Gaiman was one of the high points of last year, although my readers seemed to be much more excited about my photo shoot with Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley as a part of the Welcome to Mystic Falls convention in Paris.

The Revenants trilogy is soon to come to and end with the release of If I Should Die (May 2013). How does it feel to say goodbye to the characters who have been with you for so long? What will you miss most about them?

To be absolutely truthful, spending the last four years on these books, reading and revising them over and over again, I think that we’re all going to enjoy a break from each other. My characters are probably sick of me manipulating them, and I’m sick of them pulling tricks on me and making me start sections all over again.

However, getting out of Kate’s head and into Jules’s for the novella Die For Her (April 2013) was a lot of fun, and it might be interesting later on to dip back into the revenants’ world and tell a few more of their stories.

Last time you were on the blog, you chose François Goeske as your perfect Vincent.  Is he still your number one choice? And what about Jules – what actor is your pick for him?

I still have François in my head, but readers have suggested some other actors who could do the job. Just check out this picture of François, though, and tell me it’s not Vincent! :) ---->

For Jules there are several people who would work for me: Gaspard Ulliel, the French swimmer Camille Lacourt, Pierre Boulanger.

Can you name some other books to recommend to anyone who loved the Revenants trilogy?

Books that I have loved recently have been Tessa Gratton’s BLOOD KEEPER, Veronica Rossi’s UNDER THE NEVER SKY, Josephine Angelini’s STARCROSSED series, and Tara Hudson’s HEREAFTER.

What books are top of your must-read list for 2013?

I can’t wait for Josie’s GODDESS and Tara’s ELEGY. I need to read Veronica’s THROUGH THE EVER NIGHT, but what I’m REALLY looking forward to are Tessa Gratton’s UNITED STATES OF ASGARD books, which start in June! For 2014, I’ll be the first out to buy Natalie C. Parker’s BEWARE THE WILD!

Along with If I Should Die, readers check out the Revenants novella Die for Her (April 2013), in which we found out more about Jules, and following this you have a new series in the works.  Can you tell me a little bit about After the End (2014)?

Oh, Juneau. And OH...Miles. :)

Okay...the official summary is this:

It’s about a seventeen-year-old girl who has been raised to believe that her family, and the rest of their village, escaped World War III by moving to a remote area in the Alaskan wilderness – but when everyone in her village mysteriously disappears, she’s forced to set off in search of them, only to discover that her life has been a lie and there never was a third World War.

So I like to call the book “faux post-apocalyptic.” It is a road trip book, since Juneau is searching for her clan. There is magic. Miles is yummy. What more can I say? Oh – possum bones! (Don’t even ask.)


Thanks so much for the great interview, Amy! The Revenants series is one of my favourites, and it's always lovely to have you stop by the blog!

Find out more about Amy by reading her BLOG and  by following her on TWITTER.

My review of If I Should Die will be posted on the blog on Friday. Spoiler Alert: I thought it was AMAZING!


  1. I haven't read this series but I have heard so much about it!

    Love that Amy met the boys from TVD!

  2. What a fab idea to re-visit the authors you features as debuts <3

  3. daisychainbooks8 May 2013 at 19:22

    The Revenants series is so good - one of my faves! :)

  4. Fantastic interview! I LOVE this series and can't wait to start the last book...although I am sad to see it end. I love the picture of her with TVD cool! I am looking forward to her next series...will have to add it to my TBR list. Thanks for sharing this with us, Leanna!


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