Friday 21 September 2012

Book Review: Neptune's Tears by Susan Waggoner.

Product details:
Publisher: Piccadilly Press
Paperback, 224 pages.
Release date: September 1st 2012
Rating: 2½ out of 5.
Ages: 12+
Source: Received from publisher for review.

It is love against the odds. There is his word, and there is hers. How can they feel so connected?

It is 2218 and Zee McAdams is in her second year as a healing empath at a busy London hospital. When a mysterious young man arrives for treatment, Zee's hard won calm is pierced. She will need all her courage if she's to follow her heart.

Especially when David reveals a devastating secret.

 Set in a futuristic London, Neptune’s Tears, the first in Susan Waggoner’s Timedance series introduces us to seventeen year old Zee McAdams who works as an Empath helping to ease the suffering of others.  Zee’s job requires total focus and dedication. She can’t have any distractions in life.  It would probably be for the best if she never fell in love, but Zee has never even come close to anything like that, so it doesn’t look as though falling in love is going to be something she has to worry about any time soon.

Then David walks into her life, and guess what? Zee falls head over heels in love with him. But there’s a problem. It turns out David is no ordinary guy. He’s an alien, and so the love between David and Zee is dangerous and forbidden. It must be hidden.  In Zee’s society aliens are eyed with suspicion.  A lot of people are convinced that these aliens who live amongst them are up to no good, that they are keeping secrets. And from the shady way that David acts whenever he’s around Zee, it looks as though they might be right.

The premise of Neptune’s Tears is an interesting one, but unfortunately everything that piqued my interest in the book, and all the elements I initially enjoyed in my reading of it – the futuristic society where people live their lives in the constant threat of terrorism and the part Zee might play in fighting that threat - were overshadowed by the all-consuming romance that dominates this book. It’s not that I’m not a fan of romance; I am, just not of the Insta-Love kind that’s portrayed here.  Zee and David’s was a relationship that didn’t really ring true for me and I found that it detracted from the plot which suffered from a lack of description and of world-building as a result.


  1. I love the premise too, but insta love is not my favourite either! Maybe for the more romantic at heart. ;) 

    Happy Endings

  2. As you know, insta-love drives me nuts, so I will probably pass on this one. It's a shame that you didn't love it as much as you were hoping. Thanks for the honest review, Leanna!

  3. I can totally understand why this was a miss for you. Romance is a beautiful part of a story... provided it's done right. I grow tired of insta-love that takes central focus over most everything else. Such a shame, because aliens! Who doesn't love a good alien book? Sorry you didn't love this more, but fantastic review!

  4. Well shoot Leanna! I'm reading the first two paragraphs of your review going "this sounds great, I can't believe I haven't heard of it" and then I got to the last paragraph and my happy bubble burst. I'm so disappointed it's a insta-love romance! I'm such a huge fan of romance in the books I read, but very rarely do I enjoy the insta-love variety. Boo. :)

  5.  Yeah -- the concept was really very cool, but it just didn't work out for me. Oh well...

  6.  I know! I loved the premise too. I was hoping for more from this one.

  7. Instant love? Oh sigh. I hate it when a promising read with a gorgeous title to boot, doesn't live up to the concept behind it - and it's such a pity because the idea behind isn't something that I've come across before. Will probably give this one a skip!

  8. The book had a really promising set up, but then I just felt like the guy walked into her life and he was her life. And that was it. I didn't really feel the connection between the characters either, so their relationship just overall didn't work for me. I think this one is possibly suited to younger readers, though. It is age appropriate for 11-12 year olds.

  9. I've not heard of this one before, it sounded really interesting from the synopsis, it's a shame it didn't live up to it. Great review :)

  10. Becky @ Stories & Sweeties24 September 2012 at 00:15

    Its a shame this one turned out to be so lacking---it definitely sounded like an interesting premise!

  11. I only just got round to reading this one but I loved it - shame you didn't fell the same! I agree with you on the insta-love aspect though

  12. Becky @ Stories & Sweeties9 August 2013 at 23:06

    I just reviewed this one today! I definitely felt much the same as you did---this could have been so much more if she had just expanded on some of the other elements and not centered it so much on the love story. So much potential---but sadly missed the mark.


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