Monday 29 August 2011

Fury Blog Tour: Delightful Debutantes with Elizabeth Miles!

I'm kicking off the blog tour for Fury by Elizabeth Miles today and I'm very happy to have Elizabeth along for a fun Delightful Debutantes interview! I really enjoyed Fury, and if you want to know more of my thoughts on the first in the Furies trilogy you can read my review here.

Now over to Elizabeth for more info on bad boys you'll love to hate, and girls who are hellbent on revenge!

Combining mythology with horror, Fury is a chilling read and a unique addition to the YA Paranormal genre. Safe to say, this one had me hooked from start to finish and sent shivers down my spine.  What were your inspirations and influences for Fury?

Why thank you! I was inspired by mythology and folklore, creepy movies (which I often watch with my hands over my eyes), the Maine outdoors (especially winter nights and dark, thick woods), and some of my own romantic disappointments.

Fury contains a whole host of great characters. Some I just loved to hate (Zach) and some who I totally want to get to know better (JD). What I loved most about the characters though is that they are flawed, yes, but also very realistic.  Who was your favourite character to write and why?

I too love to hate Zach (it was kind of cathartic, writing him, in fact) and adore JD. JD is almost as perfect as my real boyfriend :). But I suppose if I had to choose a favorite I would pick Chase. It was a fun challenge to write from the male perspective, for one thing. And I appreciated the chance to give Chase some depth. He’s a complicated guy!

UK Cover
I have to mention your gorgeous book covers! The US and UK covers for Fury are both striking but also very different. Do you have a favourite cover of the two? If you can’t choose, tell me your favourite elements of both!

Aren’t they pretty?? Of course I love them both equally (you knew I was going to say that). The way the hair wraps around the back cover on the US version is super-cool. And on the UK cover, I like how the image of the girl and the fire almost looks like a flower -- an orchid, even -- from far away.

Fury contains some great scares, and in part it reminded me of the spine-chilling Stephen King and Christopher Pike books I so loved as a teen. What books were on your favourites shelf as a teen?

That is exactly what I was going for. Glad you got chills. My favorites as a kid were more along the spunky-girl-heroine lines: Anne of Green Gables, Little House on the Prairie, The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Island of the Blue Dolphins. I also loved the Westing Game and contemporary YA books by authors like Judy Blume, Caroline B. Cooney and Norma Fox Mazer. And -- don’t judge! -- I was totally addicted to The Baby-sitters Club and Sweet Valley High series. (Ha! Oh, me too!)

US Cover
Can you name some upcoming debut novels that you just can’t wait to read, or any recent debuts that you’ve read and would like to recommend to readers?

I always start by recommending books by my bestie Lauren Oliver (Before I Fall, Delirium, and her new middle-grade book, Liesl and Po). I just read Tabitha Suzuma’s Forbidden and was blown away. Now I’m looking forward to starting The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer by Michelle Hodkin and Past Perfect by Leila Sales.

Fury is the first in a trilogy, and I can’t wait to see where the story goes from here.  What do you have planned for Envy, the next book in the series?  Any sneak peeks as to what happens next?

Envy will follow some of the same characters and introduce a few new ones (including one hot bad boy who I totally love!). We’ll continue to see how the Furies wreak merciless havoc in Ascension...and start to wonder whether or not there’s a way to stop them.

Thanks to Elizabeth for the great interview. I can't wait to meet this hot bad boy in Envy!

Make sure you stop by Girls Without a Bookshelf tomorrow for the next stop on the tour where you'll be able to read an exclusive extract from Fury!


  1. I never noticed that before but the cover really does look like a flower! I like it even more now :D

  2. Ooh, this hot bad boy in Envy sounds awesome, can't wait to meet him! And I love both covers too - Fury looks pretty whatever country it's in! :)

  3. I have loved the US cover since I first laid eyes on it and after reading your review and the author's thoughts, I am very anxious to read this.

  4. Hello and thanks for the great interview. Happy to be kicking off the blog tour at Daisy Chain! I'm a bit sheepish that I didn't realize you were asking about DEBUT novel releases (of the ones I listed, only MARA DYER fits...), but I hope readers will overlook my density. Thanks again!

  5. Awesome interview! I love both the US and UK covers as well, though there's something extra striking about the girl with the hair on the US cover. It just makes me want to pick the book up. I need to read this one still and I can't wait to get to it!

  6. Great interview, Leanna! I always love learning more about the authors. I really like both covers, but I'd go with the US's so eye catching! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Great interview! I loved this book :) Can't wait to read what she writes next!

  8. Great interview Leanna. I've been reading about Fury with some interest and must admit that, being the junkie for mythology that I consider myself to be, I'm more than a little intrigued with the mythological aspect behind this novel.


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