Monday, 13 June 2011

News Round Up: Swim The Fly Comp winner, Jen's New Blog, Author's on the Edge and much, much more...

I have lots of bit n' bobs of news to share, so I thought I'd put them all in this post! Read on for news on the winner of that signed copy of Swim the Fly, Jen's new blog, Authors on the edge, a Harry Potter update and much more!

Competition Winner!

The winner of a signed copy of Swim the Fly by Don Calame is.... 
Simon C.
Congrats Simon - I hope you enjoy the book!

Check out my new competition where you can win a copy of Passion (Fallen #3) by Lauren Kate. Play casting director with the character of Daniel Grigori to be in with a chance to win! click here to enter!

Daisy Chain Book Reviews on Facebook

I finally got around to setting up a Facebook page for the blog.  Along with the usual blog updates, I'm planning to run a Facebook only competition for followers on there soon, so press that 'like' button now, and you won't miss out!

Check Out Jen's New Blog

If you have been enjoying Jen's reviews on here you might like to check out her new blog  for fans of True Crime and Mystery. If you like the sound of that, stop by CRIMINAL PAGES to find out more!

Authors on The Edge

The Edge is a new blog featuring a bunch of authors who write cutting edge fiction for teens.  Authors include Savita Kalhan, Bryony Pearce, Sara Grant and lots of other great authors.  Visit The Edge to find out more about the authors and their books. I'll be featuring many of the authors on the blog over the coming months!

Harry Potter Update!

You might remember that Bloomsbury are running a worldwide poll to find out the best loved Harry Potter Character. Well, I've received an update, and in just three weeks, people have voted 45,000 times!  There's still plenty of time to vote, so if you haven't voted yet, get those votes in! I have it on good authority that two characters have taken an early lead, but it looks like a certain boy wizard is lagging behind!

Click on the image below to vote!

Click Image to Vote!


  1. Ohh! A facebook page? Very exciting! I must check that out. Thanks for the info on the HP voting. I'll have to check that out, too!

  2. I have liked and voted and would also like to congratulate Simon on his win!

  3. I "liked" your FB page already :)
    I am hoping Ron gets the maximum votes!


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