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Summer Spotlight Guest Post: Jodie from Books for Company talks about her favourite Summer Covers!

l don't know about you but l love summer and there is nothing better than laying outside, in the sun reading. (and possibly near a pool if you're lucky enough!)
 When it comes to choosing a book to read l am definitely very tempted by all the amazing summer covers out there and they really grab my attention when it's summer time.

Here are a few great summer covers which may just be perfect summer reads!


Forbidden Boy - Hailey Abbott: This is definitely a very summery cover! Swimming costumes, sand, sea, romance and sun! Perfect.  Looking at Hailey's other books, most have summery covers but this has to be my favourite, so simple but yet such a sweet cover! I love the colours, blue sky, tanned skin and the pink. They all go together really well but still keep the cover pretty simple. Oh and of course, the most important part, the male in this cover looks pretty cute? I mean you can't see much but just enough l would say ;)   More of Hailey's covers

Forbidden Boy

That Summer - Sarah Dessen Sarah is another author who has a lot of summery covers with a lot of romance and beach on them. I was struggling to choose between this cover and Someone Like You but in the end I chose to include That Summer cover just because it's not all about romance in this cover but is instead about FUN! Well, she looks like she is having fun right? In her summer clothes on a very lovely looking beach, l find myself rather jealous and wanting myself to be transported in her world. As l said, Sarah Dessen has a lot of summery covers so check them all out here.

That Summer

 The Book Of Luke - Jenny O'Connell: I love this cover! It actually made me nearly buy the book without even reading the blurb just because l get a feeling l am going to love it. The main reason l love it? Because the girl is laughing. When I think of summer I always think of happy people because I find everyone is always happier in the summer. Therefore this book just makes me want to read it thinking (and hoping) it will be a great summer read!

Also it's one of those covers which is very summery without including the beach, yes you can see a bit of sea but it's still focused on the two people (couple?) sunbathing and relaxing!

Between Here and Forever - Elizabeth Scott:  Something else which reminds me of summer is flowers. Yes l admit, l hate them. Not because they aren't pretty or smell nice but because l suffer from hayfever but when l get to see them on book covers l can look at them, think how pretty they are and then not be sneezing two seconds later! This cover is one of those which l really love for every reason. Seriously, l can see nothing which could be added to this cover to make it any better. The title and authors name doesn't interfere with the cover but are still visible. I just love it, the bright yellow is definitely a bright colour that stands out alongside the white of her top and green of the grass. It all goes together really well!

Between Here and Forever

Thanks Leanna for having me at Daisy Chain Book Reviews, l really enjoyed doing this post and are really in the mood to visit a beach with a book right now!

Books for Company

Thank you Jodie, for the great guest post! I love all the covers you picked,especially The Book of Luke which is fab and makes me want to read the book already!

If you'd like to read more from Jodie, you should check out her great blog Books for Company  I'm a regular visitor over there!

If you'd like to write a Summer Spotlight guest post, drop me an email at daisychainbookreviews(at)gmail(dot)com with Summer Spotlight in the subject title.


  1. I love all of these books! I enjoy summer reads because they can capture everything! The surf, the sun, cool waters and nice, hot boys! LOL

  2. Thank you again for having me Leanna and l am glad you like the guest post =)

  3. Aww man I love summer books there my weakness! The covers are always so gorgeous there are some great picks here :)

  4. Love all the summer covers! I kinda want to read a few of these now, lol :)

  5. All the covers are so summer-y and fun! :)
    Between Here and Forever looks great! I like flowers on covers. Great post!

  6. I love all these covers. I really need some more light, summer-y reads because I don't have enough! :)

  7. All those covers are perfect for summer. My favourite though would be Forbidden Boys. Awesome guest post :)

  8. I love all these covers, especially The Book of Luke and That Summer. They get me in the mood for the beach!

  9. Oh I love summery covers! I will admit, I totally bought The Book of Luke on the cover alone! Forbidden Boy looks quite good too.

  10. Looking at those covers makes me want to go on holiday :D


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