Saturday, 1 May 2010

In My Mailbox #3 - May 1st 2010.

In my Mailbox is a weekly meme hosted by Kristi at The Story Siren in which bloggers share the books they have received every week. 

I usually put this up on Sunday, but I'll be busy tomorrow  with family stuff, so here you go! I was pretty much on a book buying ban for the first three months of 2010, but when I started blogging I felt it was important to keep up to date with the new releases (any excuse!), so while I have been buying new books lately, I didn't buy any this week.  However, I did receive three from Bookmooch, and I also received my first ARC from International Book Tours.

Received from BookMooch:

Stolen by Lucy Christopher
Whores on the Hill by Colleen Curran
How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff

Received from International Book Tours for review:
I think this one sounds interesting.  Has anyone read it yet?

Product description from Amazon:

This is an intriguing YA urban fantasy in the tradition of Holly Black and Wicked Lovely. Set in New Zealand, Ellie's main concerns at her boarding school are hanging out with her best friend Kevin, her crush on the mysterious Mark, and her paper deadline. That is, until a mysterious older woman seems to set her sights on Kevin, who is Maori, and has more than just romantic plans for him. In an effort to save him, Ellie is thrown into the world of Maori lore, and eventually finds herself in an all-out war with mist dwelling Maori fairy people called the patupaiarehe who need human lives to gain immortality. The strong, fresh voice of the narrator will pull readers in, along with all the deliciously scary details: the serial killer who removes victim's eyes; the mysterious crazy bum who forces a Bible on Ellie telling her she needs it; handsome, mysterious Mark who steals the Bible from her and then casts a forgetting charm on her. All of this culminates in a unique, incredible adventure steeped with mythology, Maori fairies, monsters, betrayal, and an epic battle.

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  1. Great books, Leanna! I actually just finished reading a review of Stolen. It sounds fantastic, so I'm sure you'll love it. Enjoy them all!

  2. Thanks Emidy! I liked the plot description of Stolen, but I haven't actually read all that many reviews of it.

  3. I've heard good things about Stolen and Guardian of the Dead. I'm pretty interested in Guardian so I'm going to keep my eye out for your review. I hope you enjoy your books!

  4. I read Stolen and found it completely unique and interesting! Hope you like it.

  5. I'm on the IBT for Guardian of the Dead too - a long wait as I'm last on the list . Will look forward to your review.

  6. Maybe I'll push Stolen to the top of my TBR since you're all hearing good things! :)

    @Cat - I hope the tour for Guardian of the dead is a pretty quick one so you won't have too long a wait. :)

  7. Guardian of the Dead and Stolen are both on my TBR list. How I Live Now is definitely a memorable book. I hope you enjoy all your books.

  8. Oooh nice books! I've had How I Live Now on my wishlist for a while now but haven't got round to getting it yet. Hope you enjoy them all.

  9. Me too!

    I have an award for you here

  10. I saw The Lace Reader at a store today and thought of you, not remembering whether you said you liked it or not, lol! Now I checked and saw you gave it 3 stars!

  11. I just got Guardian of the Dead in my last book order. The cover makes me want to pick it up now. My TBR stack says "no". I'll be eager to hear what you think. Happy reading!

  12. @Simay - I may have been a little harsh on The Lace Reader. Maybe it deserved a 3.5. At the time I wasn't doing 'half' stars. haha1

    @Kathy - I love the cover of Guardian of the dead too!

  13. Awesome books this week! I really want to read Stolen. I haven't read Guardian of the Dead yet, but I've heard amazing things about it. Happy reading :D

  14. I plan to read Guardian of the Dead this week. Hope you have a good one!

  15. I was kind of trying not to reply to this post... I need to be reading right now, or getting through all the awards I got today! But I wanted to say that I got a chuckle out of the book-buying ban thing. I'm kind of in the same situation since I buy *way* too many books. My TBR list doesn't quite make it to the end of this year, but it's darned close!

  16. I checked How I Live Now out the library ages ago and read 1/2 and the couldn't renew *sobs* but I managed to pick it up 2nd hand recently so am planning to finally finish that one soon! Enjoy your books x


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