Monday, 6 October 2014

TV Things: Twin Peaks to Return!

Awesome news today that Twin Peaks is set to return!

There have been rumors about this for maybe two, three years now, but the rumor mill went into overdrive on Friday after identical tweets from show creators David Lynch and Mark Frost.

I am so excited for this! If you've ever watched Twin Peaks you'll know that the show ended on a major -and very dark and twisted - cliffhanger (I loved the ending - but I know a lot of people did not!) and I'm very excited to see what everyone's been up to in the interim. I'm also wondering who exactly will be back (Coop has to return!) but other actors, such as Frank Silva, who played Bob have passed away since the show ended. I am guessing that there will be a mix of old and new faces in this revival. I'm not sure if all my favourites will be back - and you'll know what I mean if you've seen that explosive final episode!

 I can't wait to re-visit that scary, scary place called The Black Lodge and that strange Man From Another Place (see below). Twin Peaks seriously freaks me out every time (mostly the Bob scenes). So,so  dark and sinister. Bob has been the cause of many a nightmare for me. Sarah Palmer freaks me out too - which I know is just weird of me. I mean, after all that woman has been through...

Incidentally I just re-watched the entire show these past few weeks - I own the box set, but it's also available to stream on Netflix in the US - and I find some strange new mystery to ponder every time. In addition to being dark and sinister, Twin Peaks contains as multi-layered a murder mystery as you'll ever find.

Of course, Twin Peaks isn't perfect, but, for me, all those quirky characters and second season storylines that were nothing more than filler at times, are all part of it's charm.  Co-creator Mark Frost talks of the show as being "like a novel we filmed every page of." And that's how it plays.

Twin Peaks has been hugely influential over the years too - everything from Bates Motel to The Killing to upcoming show Wayward Pines all have certain roots in Twin Peaks. Before there was 'Who Killed Rosie Larsen?' the question of everyone's lips was 'Who Killed Laura Palmer?'

Twin Peaks will air as a nine episode run on Showtime in 2016, marking the twenty five year anniversary of the series finale. So, I guess Laura was true to her word. The show will be a present day continuation of the original story - and not a reboot - something I am very, very happy about.

Will you be watching?


  1. Amber (@ YA Indulgences)6 October 2014 at 19:37

    Oh. My. Gosh! I'M SO EXCITED! I've only watched the first season, because it was creepy, haha. But I definitely need to finish it! I didn't know it was on Netflix! I have Netflix! This is fantastic. Yay yay yay. Best news ever.

  2. ChristinaBookAddict7 October 2014 at 12:53

    I have never watched this show. Do you think I'd like it? If so, I'll check it out on Netflix! Thanks for the heads up!

  3. I would love to see what you make of Twin Peaks! Have you watched any David Lynch movies? Mulholland Drive etc? They are very dark and weird. I have seen Twin Peaks maybe 3/4 times now and I still can't make sense of some of it! Ha! That's part of the fun, though!

  4. Twin Peaks is great! Glad you're enjoying! Have you watched any of David Lynch's movies? Blue Velvet & Mulholland Drive are my faves!

  5. Amber (@ YA Indulgences)27 August 2015 at 13:47

    It's really great! The characters are just, omg, fantastic and unique. I haven't watched any of his movies. They sound familiar though.


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