Monday, 27 October 2014

Competition Winners: Deeper//Divergent//Tempus//Deep Blue//Summer Spotlight//Easy & Breakable//Secret Seven//Summer Favourites//Back to School Special//The Sham.

Here are the latest competition winners on the blog!

Deeper by Robin York
Thanks to Piatkus

Tracey P.
Lani M.
Amanda G.

Divergent Premiere Tickets
Thanks to HarperCollins

Emily G.

Tempus by Holly Lauren
Thanks to GMTA Publishing

Trish H.
Librarian L.
Kyra O.
Meredith R.
Candice J.
Missie S.
Antonia J.
Caroline T.
Book A.
Alisha S.
Shamara C.
Hannah Y.

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly
Thanks to Disney

Meghann M.
Carl S.

Summer Spotlight Mega Giveaway


Easy & Breakable by Tammara Webber
Thanks to Penguin Books

Daisy H.
Gillian H.
Tracey P.

Secret Seven Books & Merchandise 
Thanks to Hodder Children's Books

Tracy K.
Winnie L.
Jayne T.
Laura Z.
Samantha R.

Summer Favourites

Courtney W.

Back to School Special


The Sham by Ellen Allen
Thanks to Ellen Allen

Mai T.
Tracey P.
Victoria F.
Alisha S.
Pam M.
Clari F.
Bogi K.
Rehana S.
Rachael L.


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  1. I haven't heard of this author before, you mustn't be shouting loud enough Arianne! It sounds really interesting though and I love the sound of Rafi.


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