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Summer Spotlight Guest Post: Ruby from Ruby's Reads picks her ingredients for a perfect summer read!

Ingredients for a Great Summer Read (An Acrostic Poem)

Seriously iced drinks
Used books
Mass markets
More daylight hours
Everyone is relaxing
Read to your heart's content.

Now, I know that your first reaction upon reading this masterpiece of a poem is to double check the name of the Poet Laureate. Relax. I write poetry only for myself. And the unfortunate bloggers unsuspecting enough to let me guest post for them. Just kidding. I've practically stalked Leanna (and Daisy Chain Book Reviews) since she innocently responded to a question of mine on LibraryThing. So I want to thank her not only for having an awesome blog, but for allowing me to guest post for her. Thanks!

Okay, so you'll be glad to know that I wrote this poem for a reason. Basically, I'm using it to extol the wondrous virtues of summer reading. It's kind of like an advice column wrapped up in a poem inside a guest blog.

Let's start with "S"--Seriously iced drinks. I live in Southern California, so iced drinks are a must during the summer. There are times when it doesn't feel like there's much difference between night and day, so my first requirement for summer reading is something cold. When I relax in the shade in the hammock (that's a fantasy, I don't actually have one), in a chair in the backyard, or, more likely, in front of the swamp cooler, I like to have a gin and tonic, an iced tea lemonade or even a freezing cold glass of water and a book. The ice is essential because, when I'm done with the drink, there's still something for me to crunch on.

Ingredient number two--Used books--is another absolute essential. I buy used books year round, but in the summer, I actively hunt them down. I do this for two reasons. One, I don't care if a used book gets wet from water on my hands when I get out of the pool or the ocean. Two, I'm an obsessive book buyer. When I travel, I live in fear of having to pay extra because my luggage weighs so much. If I bring used books, I can leave them behind at the hotel without a qualm. It's the smaller hotels and resorts that let you do this, btw. Though I'm sure the occasional cleaning person appreciates the tip.

Mass markets are great for traveling, too. Also known as pocket books, they're small and (relatively) light and they fit in most purses. Of course, nowadays, you can always just bring your eReader along with you. Then again, I have one, and unpacking continues to takes me a while because I'm forever finding the mass markets I bought and tucked in wherever they would fit.

More daylight hours: The longer days of summer give us the illusion that we have more time than in the winter, which means that there's more time after work to laze around and read before going in at night. I make the most of the extra light by reading out of doors when I can, and you should, too. In your hammock. At the beach. On your porch. Don't forget your gin and tonic.

Everyone is relaxing. Summer is the ultimate time for relaxation. Fall is the lead up to the holiday season, winter is long and dark, and spring is about frenzy (as in Spring Cleaning). Luckily for us all, the summer warmth rolls around to remind us to sit back a spell. It's the time when most of us take our yearly vacations. We barbecue and, best of all, we read. God, I love summer.
Finally, I view summer as the time to Read to your heart's content. It's time for you to pick up that bubblegummy piece of chicklit you've been wanting to read but haven't bought because you know you'll finish it in one sitting. I've even got a few suggestions for you:

 Do you see the sheer bubblegum pinkness of these books? Sarah Mason is wonderful, and in these two stories she introduces us to the insane-but-still-awesome Colshannon family. Society Girls is my favorite, and it also includes a bit of armchair travel for those so inclined. Whatever book/genre works for you, I say, as long as reading it isn't a chore. You know you do it. And if I'm wrong...well I already knew you were the better person.


Thank you, Ruby, for this wonderful guest blog! I had so much fun reading it! :) If you loved Ruby's guest post too, why not stop by her blog Ruby's Reads to find out more!


  1. Love the poem Ruby! I love summer reading, there is just something sinful and decadent lounging around in the sun with an ice cold drink reading a paperback (I still haven't gotten used to the iPad outside. Happy Reading!

  2. Great post, Ruby! :)
    I love summers for the amount of reading I can do. Though I personally prefer a hot cup of coffee, I think iced drinks are great too.

    Thanks for the recommendations!

  3. Lovely post Ruby! You're making me want an iced tea and a natty old book to read out in the sunshine. Best feeling ever!

  4. Aw, loved the little poem! :). I buy a lot of used books too, you can find some in really good condition for bargain prices! Thanks for the post :).

  5. Those ingredients really do make up a great summer. Whenever I'm traveling, my suitcase is always loaded with books, packed wherever they fit. I love used books because I've found them and left them behind for others to find. Thanks fir the great post, Ruby.

  6. Yes to more daylight hours! I always get a little depressed when it gets dark so early. Love all your ingredients Ruby!

  7. I agree, those ingredients will make a perfect summer. :)Seriously iced drinks are the best.

  8. I always hope to hit up a garage sales and find good books! I found If I Stay at one before for a buck...I was PUMPED!

  9. Ohh this is a great post!
    Sadly in the UK it never gets hotter enough to need ice cold drinks! ;)
    Well probably one a year! haha

  10. Thanks for all the lovely compliments. I'm wishing you all great summer reading and ice cold drinks (except you guys in the UK--you can have sort of coldish drinks). Enjoy!

  11. Aww! This totally takes me back to being younger (i.e., not having to do the full time job thing) and spending my summers lying on the lawn with a stack of great books at hand. Awesome post!



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