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Cover Candy #3 - Recent swoonworthy cover reveals!

You've heard of eye candy, and maybe you've heard of brain candy, now I'm here to introduce Cover Candy!  If it's a book cover that I'm swooning over, I might feature it here! I love finding new books, especially those with gorgeous covers, but I can't feature them all as my Waiting on Wednesday picks, so I decided to dedicate this feature to them instead!

What do you think? Find any new books to add to your insane TBR pile?

Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
Publisher: Walker Books for Young Readers
Release date: June 21st 2011
Ages: 12+

Violet Willoughby doesn't believe in ghosts. But they believe in her. After spending years participating in her mother's elaborate ruse as a fraudulent medium, Violet is about as skeptical as they come in all matters supernatural. Now that she is being visited by a very persistent ghost, one who suffered a violent death, Violet can no longer ignore her unique ability. She must figure out what this ghost is trying to communicate, and quickly because the killer is still on the loose.

Afraid of ruining her chance to escape her mother's scheming through an advantageous marriage, Violet must keep her ability secret. The only person who can help her is Colin, a friend she's known since childhood, and whom she has grown to love. He understands the true Violet, but helping her on this path means they might never be together. Can Violet find a way to help this ghost without ruining her own chance at a future free of lies?

Alyxandra Harvey's Drake Chronicles just keep getting better and better, and this new standalone from her sounds great. I love the cover of this one. Does the girl on the cover remind anyone else of Girl, Interrupted era Angelina Jolie? I think they could be twins! I love a good ghost story, so I'm definitely looking forward to this one.  Haunting Violet will also be published by Bloomsbury in the UK in July 2011. No cover art for UK release yet, but I will feature it once it's available. 

Tyme's End by B.R. Collins
Publisher: Bloomsbury.

Release date: January 2rd 2011.

Ages: 12+

Bibi feels out of place everywhere - everywhere that is, except for Tyme's End, the deserted house that she breaks into when she thinks nobody is nearby. There she unexpectedly meets Oliver Gardner, the owner of the house, who's just returned after ten years away. Their story and the story of Oliver's grandfather becomes inextricably entwined, linked as they are by Tyme's End itself. For Tyme's End is more than just a deserted house. It is a house that by turns can be romantic, beguiling, sinister and malevolent. It is a house that had a cruel and manipulative owner. And anybody who enters Tyme's End must prepare themselves for terror ...Part mystery, part psychological thriller, set in the present yet with forays into the past, this is a cleverly ambitious novel that makes for a compulsive and gripping read

Oooh, look at this cover! I love it and I love the sound of the story too. It sounds all gothic and haunting! I haven't read anything by B.R. Collins yet, but I have her book A Trick of the Dark on my TBR. I must get to it soon!

Beautiful Malice by Rebecca James.
Publisher: Faber & Faber
Release date: January 6th 2011.
Ages: 14+/Crossover appeal.

So. Were you glad, deep down? Were you glad to be rid of her? Your perfect sister? Were you secretly glad when she was killed?

Following a terrible tragedy that leaves her once-perfect family shattered, Katherine Patterson moves to a new city, starts at a new school, and looks forward to a new life of quiet anonymity.

But when Katherine meets the gregarious and beautiful Alice Parrie her resolution to live a solitary life becomes difficult. Katherine is unable resist the flattering attention that Alice pays her and is so charmed by Alice’s contagious enthusiasm that the two girls soon become firm friends. Alice’s joie de vivre is transformative; it helps Katherine forget her painful past and slowly, tentatively, Katherine allows herself to start enjoying life again.

But being friends with Alice is complicated – and as Katherine gets to know her better she discovers that although Alice can be charming and generous she can also be selfish and egocentric. Sometimes, even, Alice is cruel.

And when Katherine starts to wonder if Alice is really the kind of person she wants as a friend, she discovers something else about Alice - she doesn’t like being cast off.

Beautiful Malice is one of my favourite books of 2010, and hopefully it will pick up a lot of new fans in 2011 with this new cover. I like this one because the girl on the cover is pretty much exactly how I imagined Alice when I was reading the book! If you  haven't checked this one out yet, I highly recommend it!

* Please note: Not all of these covers are final and may be subject to change. If the cover is changed, I will update with the new cover!

** Please note: I changed the name of this feature as I was alerted to the fact that another blogger already has a feature of the same name.


  1. Tymes end is a really pretty cover. Sounds interesting too. Ive not come across this one before.

  2. I adore the new cover for Beautiful Malice. I think I'm going to have to buy that copy, as I've always hated the orange cover. Love these books that you've highlighted as it's the first time I'm hearing of them. Definitely going to add it to my TBR pile :)

  3. Love the covers of Haunting Violet and Tyme's End. What's up with girls in water lately? A lot of book covers have it. I've never heard of Tyme's End. Both stories sound great! As for Beautiful Malice, the cover reminds me a little of Private. I'm always happy when the covers match the characters.

  4. I've already got Haunting Violet on my TBR list, but I hadn't heard of Tyme's End. It sounds fantastic. The cover of Beautiful Malice isn't really my style. It reminds me of the cover of Robin Wasserman's Skinned books. The model looks very similar, but maybe that's just the hair color and style.

  5. Gorgeous! I was taken in by Haunting Violet’s cover when I first saw it. The other two are new ones for me. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. Such pretty covers, especially because purple is my favourite colour. Plus, they all sound interesting so now I have to add three books to my wishlist :)

  7. Haunting Violet reminds me of the paintings Water lily by Claude Monet

  8. PRETTY! I really like the Tyme's End one, there's just something creepy but beautiful about wrought iron gates that I always like:) Thanks for sharing these Leanna, I love stunning book covers!

  9. ooh... haunting violet has a great title and a lovely cover!

  10. Beautiful Malice ~~> If looks could kill! A great cover is a real deal breaker for me as to whether I will pick it up to read -- excepting the classics. A book I simply had to have based on its cover was Saving Ceecee Honeycutt. Will be reading it this coming month for a bookclub.

  11. I have a cover post today too! I love beautiful covers.

    I'm looking forward to Haunting Violet. I hadn't thought it before, but now that you mention Angelina Jolie from that movie, I do see a resemblance.

    I love the cover to Tyme's End. I'm no sure about the story yet, but wow, that cover is beautiful.

  12. those stories look pretty cool. Along with the covers of course. :)

  13. Love the cover of Haunting Violet! Beautiful Malice's new cover is pretty great!


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